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How To Jumpstart A Toyota Prius? [A Step-by-Step Guide]

The Toyota Prius is one of the company’s most popular new vehicles.

It’s not only one of the most distinctively looking automobiles in the lineup; it’s also the vehicle that demonstrated hybrid technology could work.

The Prius’ four-cylinder engine uses a regular 12-volt battery, with the exception of the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive system.

Human errors, such as leaving the lights on, can cause this battery to become entirely depleted.

Jump starting a Toyota Prius, on the other hand, necessitates a few more steps not required in a typical vehicle.

Customers who don’t feel confident in their mechanical abilities can call Toyota Roadside Assistance.

How To Jumpstart A Toyota Prius?
How To Jumpstart A Toyota Prius?

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Is it possible to jump a Toyota Prius?

Jump-starting a Prius or another Toyota Hybrid is similar.

Similar to jump-starting a gas-powered vehicle.

Jumper cables, an assistance vehicle, and a solid metallic point .

They are all required to jump a Prius.

In a Nutshell: How to Jump Start a Hybrid

Aside from the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive technology, the Toyota Prius Hybrid’s efficient four-cylinder engine runs on a conventional 12-volt battery.

This battery can become entirely depleted as a result of human error, such as leaving the lights on.

However, jump starting a Toyota Prius 12v, or any hybrid vehicle, necessitates a few more procedures than jump starting a standard vehicle.

Learn how to jump a Prius, where the battery is located in a Prius, and more in our tutorial!

  • Open the hood and look for the fuse block cover; underneath there should be a jump start terminal.
  • Connect one of your jumper cables’ positive leads to the positive terminal of your Prius, and the other positive lead to the corresponding terminal of the automobile giving the jump.
  • Connect the negative terminal of the car delivering the jump to the negative terminal of your jumper cables.
  • Connect the other negative lead to a solid, unpainted metal object away from moving parts and the jump start terminal.
  • Start the car that will provide the jump and drive for five minutes. The Prius’ indicator panel will eventually display a “Ready” light.
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Customers who lack mechanical aptitude can either call Toyota Roadside Assistance for assistance or learn how to start a Prius on their own.

The Steps to Jumping a Prius Battery

Make sure both vehicles are parked with the engines turned off before jumping a Prius.

Simply follow the steps below when you’re ready:

Step 1:

To find the jump start terminal, open your car’s hood and check under the fuse box cover.

Step 2:

Attach the red positive jumper cable to your car’s positive terminal.

Step 3:

Connect the second red positive cable to the helping vehicle’s positive battery terminal.

Step 4:

Connect the black negative cable to the other car’s negative battery terminal.

Step 5:

Attach the second negative clamp to a metallic point that is at least a few feet away. It’s best if the metallic point isn’t painted and doesn’t move.

Step 6:

Start the other vehicle’s engine and let it idle for five minutes.

Step 7:

Turn on your hybrid car and wait for the “Ready” indicator to appear.

Step 8:

Reverse the sequence in which the jumper cables were attached and disconnect them.

How Long Can You Drive a Prius After It Has Been Jump Started?

The quick answer is that following a jump start, you should let your Prius run for at least 30 minutes.

Because a Prius is a hybrid vehicle, the process differs significantly from that of a gas-powered vehicle.

So, how long can a Prius run after being jump-started?

It’s best if you leave it running for 8 hours.

We also propose that you bring your vehicle to our facility for a battery inspection.

We’ll be happy to keep an eye on it while it recharges its 12 volt battery.

If you can’t get it to our garage, we recommend parking it in your own, setting it to “Ready,” connecting it to a charger, and letting it sit for the 8 hours.

What’s the big deal about 8 hours?

For starters, your hybrid consumes significantly more electricity than a gas-powered vehicle, requiring a larger battery that takes longer to recharge.

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But why do you need to fully recharge it?

It makes your battery perform more efficiently and extends its life.

In addition, completely charging your battery allows it to better manage its temperature during the winter!

Toyota’s Detailed Instructions For Jump Starting A Hybrid Vehicle

Step 1 and 2: Find the Jump Start Terminal Under the Fuse Box

  • Locate the fuse block cover under the hood.
  • It’s a flat-surfaced, somewhat rectangular piece of plastic.
  • Next, remove the lid that covers the terminals that are only needed for jumpstarting a dead battery.

Step 3: Connect the Jumper Cables

  • Connect the positive lead of the jumper cables to your Toyota Prius 12v battery jump starting connector or hybrid battery.
  • Connect the second positive lead to the accompanying vehicle’s positive battery terminal or the positive terminal of the Quick-kick device that will provide auxiliary battery.
  • Connect the negative lead to the negative terminal of the battery or Quick-kick unit of the helping vehicle.
  • Attach the remaining negative lead to a solid, unpainted metal surface away from any moving parts and the exclusive jump starting terminal.

Step 4: Get the Hybrid Going

  • Start the assisting vehicle’s engine or activate the Quick-kick unit.
  • If you’re using a second car, start gradually revving the engine and keep it there for around five minutes to give the dead battery enough power to restart the Toyota Prius.
  • Start spooling up the hybrid system of the Prius by turning the power switch to the “ON” position while the supporting vehicle maintains engine speed.
  • Someone should keep an eye on the Toyota Prius’ indication panel for the “Ready” light to turn on.

Step 5: Properly Remove the Cables

Remove the cables in the opposite sequence you attached them after the hybrid system has started.

Take the following steps:

  • A metal item with a negative lead linked to it.
  • The assistance vehicle or the Quick-kick device has a negative lead.
  • Positive lead on the assisting vehicle or Quick-kick.
  • On the Prius’ jump starting terminal, there is a positive lead.
  • Cover the exclusive jump beginning terminal and close it.
  • Hook the fuse box cover onto the two rear tabs before reinstalling it for safety recalls.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you jump a Prius 12v battery?

Yes, you certainly can.
Another little boot under the rear boot stores a 12v wet cell battery.
Your car should start if you jump the battery as usual.

Can you jump-start from a Toyota hybrid?

Hybrid automobiles, in general, can be jump-started in the same way as a regular car with a traditional gas engine can.
Many Toyota hybrids, such as the Prius, have a jump-start terminal under the hood that should be used instead of the 12-volt battery.

What happens if your Prius battery dies?

The Prius operates on a parallel system, which means that the gas and electric engines run in tandem.
It helps the car accelerate and decelerate by picking up part of the slack from the smaller gas engine.
You can still drive the Prius if the battery fails, but it will be weaker and less smooth.

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