Audi S3 Best and Worst Years

Audi S3 Best and Worst Years (Quick Facts!)

The Audi S3 is a small, luxurious automobile that made its US debut in 2006 as a model-year vehicle.

Although compact, it still provides the same level of excellence, elegance, and dynamic handling as Audi’s more extensive and expensive models.

This article will examine the top and bottom S3 model years.

Audi S3 Best and Worst Years
Audi S3 Best and Worst Years

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The Audi S3

Audi S3 Best and Worst Years

It needs to be clarified what people think were the finest and worst years for the Audi S3. In addition, the search results offered need to give precise details regarding the reliability or performance of any model year. There are, however, several reviews and buyer’s guides that highlight common issues with the Audi S3, go over the best and worst parts of owning an S3, offer long-term reviews and updates on problems with the car, examine the vehicle’s dynamic performance, and go over ownership experience and dependability.

What Years Will The Audi S3 Perform Best? 

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What Years Will The Audi S3 Perform Best? 

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2023 Audi S3

The 2023 S3 is one of the best luxury compact cars because it is loaded with the newest technology.

It is entertaining to drive, has an easy-to-use infotainment system, and is equipped with a quick but effective engine.

The high-end Premium Plus trim costs over $40,000, while the entry-level Premium trim costs roughly $36,000.

Full LED headlights with daytime running lights (DRLs) and a convenience package with a wireless charger for compatible mobile devices are new features of this model.

Audi Side Assist with rear cross-traffic alert, Pre Sense Basic, and Pre Sense Front are notable safety features (standard).

  • Edmunds: 5 out of 5
  • 5.0 / 5.0 on the Kelley Blue Book
  • : 78 out of 100 JD Power

2022 Audi S3

Another excellent option for a compact, luxury sedan is the 2022 S3. Again, owner feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and car reviewers have concurred.

The third-generation S3 is introduced, and it maintains true to its heritage by providing outstanding performance, luxury, and fantastic value.

The outside and interior of this model have been overhauled, and it has a mild hybrid powertrain and modern in-car technology.

It may be small for those who prioritize practicality, but the model makes up for it with a light body, excellent agility, and quick handling.

According to EPA figures, it has a combined fuel economy of 32 mpg, a highway fuel economy of 38 mpg, and a city fuel economy of 29 mpg.

  • Edmunds: 5 out of 5
  • 5.0 / 5.0 on the Kelley Blue Book
  • : 78 out of 100 JD Power

2020 Audi S3

The best option for a second-generation S3 is the 2020 model. Although it lacks the improvements of the more recent versions, it will be less expensive.

Its 2.0L turbocharged engine offers a smooth ride, agile handling, and quick acceleration.

The cabin has earned a lot of compliments for its superior quality, elegance, and style.

2020 saw the elimination of the cabriolet (convertible), leaving only the sedan versions.

Sport Premium, Sport Premium Plus, Premium S Line, and Premium Plus S Line are the four possible trim levels.

  • Edmunds: 4.2 out of 5
  • 4.0/5.0 on the Kelley Blue Book
  • 83 of 100 for JD Power

2019 Audi S3

The 2019 S3 is a powerful vehicle despite its diminutive size, whether it is a sedan or a convertible.

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The model’s turbocharged 2-liter TFSI engine produces between 184 and 228 horsepower, depending on grade.

Although this car makes up for its lack of interior space and load capacity in other ways, both are somewhat limited.

The front-wheel-drive, standard Premium variant has a 7-speed automatic manual transmission.

EPA fuel estimates are excellent, with 26 mpg for city driving, 35 mpg for highway driving, and 29 mpg for mixed driving.

  • Edmunds: 4.4 out of 5
  • 4.0/5.0 on the Kelley Blue Book
  • N/A JD Power

2013 Audi S3

The 2013 S3 is a fantastic option for individuals on a limited budget, even though it is a little antiquated. It is only offered as a hatchback because the sedan and convertible body types weren’t introduced until 2015.

The 2013 S3 has a luxurious cabin, engaging driving characteristics, and adaptable interior space.

It is available in 6 trim levels: TDI Premium, TDI Premium Plus, Premium, Premium Quattro, and Premium Plus.

A 2-liter gasoline engine with 200 horsepower and a 2-liter diesel engine (with 140 horsepower) is offered.

Both its high-end luxuries and technological elements are numerous.

Because of its excellent results in crashworthiness tests, this model was named the IIHS Top Safety Pick.

  • Edmunds: 4.4 out of 5
  • 4.6 out of 5.0 on Kelley Blue Book
  • JD Power: 75 out of 100

Consumer Scores For Best Audi S3 Years

Model YearEdmundsConsumer RatingKelley Blue BookConsumer RatingJD PowerConsumer Rating
2023 Audi S35.0 / 5.05.0 / 5.078 / 100
2022 Audi S35.0 / 5.05.0 / 5.078 / 100
2020 Audi S34.2 / 5.04.0 / 5.083 / 100
2019 Audi S34.4 / 5.04.0 / 5.0NA
2013 Audi S34.4 / 5.04.6 / 5.075 / 100

What Are The Audi S3’s Worst Years?

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What Are The Audi S3’s Worst Years?

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2015 Audi S3

The 2015 S3 has numerous airbag issues.

The problem was brought on by a defective passenger occupancy detection system (PODS), which could have prevented the front-seat passenger from receiving airbag protection.

Many dissatisfied owners complained to the manufacturers because the dealers were unresponsive and took a long time to discuss and resolve the issue.

The 2015 S3 was the subject of 199 problems and 34 complaints online at

Common issues:

  • driving fatality
  • differential crown wheel with cracks
  • A lot of oil usage

2006 Audi S3

Regarding problems with its automatic transmission, the 2006 S3 was infamous.

Loss of power, sporadic hesitancy, changing into neutral while moving, and unresponsive shifting were all observed by owners.

The most frequent and hazardous problem owners encountered was a sudden stalling of the vehicle in the middle of the road when they moved out into traffic from a stop.

Numerous of these problems have been connected to a problem with the direct shift gearbox’s mechatronics (DSG).

This model was also recalled because it has Takata airbags that might explode and discharge shrapnel.

Total complaints for the 2006 Audi S3 were three at and 131 at

Common issues:

  • Power was lost while driving
  • Lurched unforeseen
  • A lot of oil usage

2016 Audi S3

The 2016 S3 has numerous airbag-related issues, just like the 2015 model year.

A defective PODS was the main grievance of many owners, which the automaker also acknowledged through recall campaigns (passenger occupant detection system).

A PODS acts as a weight-sensing device commonly positioned under the passenger seat cushion to signal that a passenger is in the seat.

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Sadly, some reports claimed that many owners were forced to wait indefinitely because replacement components were in short supply.

Six complaints and 111 problems were recorded for the 2016 Audi S3 on and, respectively.

Common issues:

  • hesitates and jerks
  • Water dripping into the headlight

What Years Have The Most Complaints?

Model YearComplaints(
2023 Audi S30
2022 Audi S305
2020 Audi S3014
2019 Audi S3114
2018 Audi S3135
2017 Audi S3077
2016 Audi S36111
2015 Audi S334199
2013 Audi S3624
2012 Audi S3047
2011 Audi S3248
2010 Audi S3458
2009 Audi S3664
2008 Audi S3046
2007 Audi S3161
2006 Audi S33131

What issues does the Audi S3 have?

  • driving fatality
  • Broken crown wheel of the differential; the Mechatronic ceased working
  • A lot of oil usage
  • Not working air conditioning
  • Skips gears in a Steptronic gearbox
  • chain timing stretch
  • Automobile hesitant and shooting incorrectly
  • lowering the headlights
  • when it first starts, it stalls
  • Fire and electrical short
  • hesitates and jerks
  • Water dripping into the headlight
  • transmission breakdown
  • an electrical failure in its entirety
  • Engine room smoke

How Safe is an Audi S3?

The Audi S3 is a safe vehicle to drive, thanks to its numerous safety features. Active safety technologies like traction control, electronic stability control, anti-lock disc brakes with braking help, Audi pre sense essential, lane departure warning, park assist, high-beam Assist, rain-sensing wipers, and tire pressure monitoring are standard on the 2020 and 2023 models.

Anti-lock brakes are another luxury Audi S3 option that enhances vehicle handling by preventing wheel locking.

In addition, the 2018 model has active safety technologies like driver attention monitoring, electronic stability control, lane keep Assist, and auto emergency braking for interurban travel.

Additional safety measures in the Audi S3 vehicle include central locking, a rear camera, and an engine immobilizer.

How Can You Tell Whether Something Is a Lemon?

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How Can You Tell Whether Something Is a Lemon?

Purchase a vehicle history report.

There is no better initial step when purchasing a used car than to obtain a car history report. Two well-known services offer this information for little money: Anyone looking to purchase a used car will find the information provided by CarFax and AutoCheck extremely helpful.

The reports let you know the number of past owners, whether or not it had any accidents, how frequently it required maintenance, and the current title. The final section is among the most crucial since it contains the lemon label, which attests that the car followed the correct legal procedures to be designated as a lemon.

However, in some areas, dealers must inform a customer if the vehicle is a manufacturer buyback, which is a reliable way to determine whether a vehicle has a lemon title.

However, it is the responsibility of the buyer to conduct a thorough investigation into the vehicle’s history. Therefore, consumers may need help if they accidentally purchase a secondhand lemon because they must inspect it first.

Owner Background

You can view the owner’s history on the vehicle history report, which should indicate whether the manufacturer has purchased the vehicle back.

While owners can claim a car is a lemon in a legal dispute and ask the automaker to buy back the problematic vehicle, that is a guaranteed technique to determine if the car was labeled a lemon.

You can also determine if the vehicle was sold or traded before it was given a lemon tag if the prior owner may have missed an issue. It also implies that the car’s persistent issue must be apparent.

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Repair Record

Look carefully at the vehicle’s repair record and try to identify any recurring issues. Recurring problems in cars with lemon histories are simple to spot.

You can determine whether the issues with the car are minor wear and tear concerns, such as those with the clutch or brakes, or a more severe problem.

Check to discover if the repairs were necessary or carried out even when the car was brand new. It can assist in determining whether the car is a lemon or if an incident like a collision or modification caused a misdiagnosed issue.

Are the repairs significant or minor? A severe repair would deal with the drivetrain or suspension, whereas a superficial one would address non-driving-related issues like window or seat controls.

Severe repairs would be more challenging, but handling a car might not be a hassle if a car was considered a lemon for a less severe cause.

The report also shows whether repairs are being made at a dealership or a general shop. Like you would with any used car, examine the vehicle’s general condition and health and determine whether routine maintenance has also been carried out. This will assist you in deciding whether or not you should consider purchasing this car.

Inspection before purchase

Is the car still a good investment? You should get a pre-purchase inspection if the flaws are not too concerning or if you believe the automobile may have been incorrectly labeled as a lemon.

A mechanic can determine whether the problems are repairable and why the car was considered a lemon. A technician can assist you in determining whether or not a recurring issue is indicative of more severe problems or worries about the quality of the vehicle.

Their satisfaction with the car might help determine if it is a worthwhile investment or a lost cause.

Audi S3 FAQ’s

What year Audi A3 should I stay away from?

Certain 2.0L turbocharged Audi A3 vehicles from 2006 to 2008 and from 2012 may have high pressure gasoline pumps that are prone to quick wear and failure, which would make the car pause when accelerating.

Is the Audi S3 a trustworthy vehicle?

Overall, the Audi S3 appears to be a solid choice for a used car because it is dependable. But, your ownership experience may be significantly impacted by the vehicle’s maintenance history and how well the prior owner maintained it.

Does the Audi S3 have issues?

The sat-nav screen, which protrudes from the dashboard and can creak when in use, has also been mentioned as having issues. Moreover, it has been reported that water pumps leak, and the S3 has received bad ratings for headlight bulb failure.

Who has the fastest S3?

The 1/4 Earth speed is 7.7 at 302 km/h and 7.6 at 299 km/h.

Audi A3 or S3: Which is superior?

The 2022 Audi A3 engine has a 48-volt mild hybrid system that helps give improved efficiency and rapid starting if you desire higher fuel economy and electrification. More horsepower and torque are available in the 2022 Audi S3, resulting in powerful, turbocharged performance.

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