Buick Encore Best and Worst Years (Top Picks!)

Because it can fit through short parking spaces and narrow streets with ease and keep all five occupants comfortable, people prefer it to giant SUVs.

That doesn’t mean, though, that this little Buick hasn’t had its fair share of issues. The majority of Buick Encore problems are expensive and pose significant safety risks.

Because of this, you might want to keep reading to learn which years are greatest for purchases and how to avoid purchasing a lemon.

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Buick Encore Best and Worst Year

Buick Encore Best and Worst Years

The greatest years for the Buick Encore, based on the search results, are widely regarded as the 2018–2023 models. These years have earned excellent reviews for dependability and safety, and there have been very few difficulties reported. Due to its high reliability ratings and effective performance, the Buick Encore’s 2018 model year is frequently mentioned as its greatest year.

The Buick Encore model years from 2013 through 2015 and 2017 have had the most faults and complaints.

To make sure you are obtaining a dependable and well-equipped Buick Encore, it is crucial to conduct thorough research on the precise model year and trim level you are interested in.

What Years of the Buick Encore are the Most Dependable?

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What Years of the Buick Encore are the Most Dependable?

Please take note that we have a separate list with the most frequent issues with all Buick Encore models.

The subcompact Buick Encore has been manufactured by General Motors since 2012. Like its larger cousins, the Enclave and Envision, the Encore features a sleek appearance.

It also has a lot of high-tech equipment and a few extra elements that add to its opulent appearance.

Dependable, cozy, and powerful.

The best years of the Buick Encore provide that.

If you’re a big lover of compact, cozy cars, you might want to look into several Encores over the years to find the one that’s right for you.

Here are some excellent choices to get you going.

Buick Encore year 2018

The 2018 Buick Encore, which comes in six distinct grades, is an improvement over the previous year’s model. It moves more quickly and powerfully. The series is having a wonderful year because there are less issues this year than there were last year.

Its fantastic: makes it one of the top subcompact SUVs.

  • Safety rating,
  • Superior ranking for reliability,
  • An easy to use entertainment system.

The 2018 Buick Encore is also spacious inside, has a lot of storage for cargo, and is compact enough to maneuver through congested city streets.

Legroom in the back seats of this year’s model was also reduced, and overall, it seemed like the SUV was giving up a lot of comfort in favor of high-tech capabilities.

Buick Encore for 2019

The 2019 Encore offers a blend of elegance and strength. Outside, it has tinted glass for seclusion and acoustic laminated glass to block noise.

It is comparable to the 2018 model but has a few extra problems that the automaker didn’t fix.

That means it maintains its tiny size for maneuverability while offering the same headroom, cargo capacity, and seating area.

With the addition of the safety package II, which includes parking sensors, rain-sensing wipers, forward collision warning, and lane departure warning, 2019 received four trim levels.

Buick Encore 2020

Because the automaker paid heed to all the complaints made about the previous model, the 2020 Encore had few, if any, flaws.

However, 2020 found it difficult to stand out in the face of fierce competition from other brands including Mazda CX3, Hyundai Kona, and Honda HR-V.

Most of its competitors outperform it in:

  • Acceleration,
  • Cargo space,
  • and ride control.

Due to its compact body size, this car is enjoyable and simple to operate in the city.

The company also made sure the passengers were cozy without constricting the cargo area.

The seats are strategically placed to provide good visibility. They also come with triple door seals to keep out noise and a great deal of headroom.

In addition to the 2019 technology, the 2020 Encore has useful and incredibly inventive features like rear vision cameras that let you recognize and respond to potential dangers.

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Overall, the 2020 Buick Encore is a great choice, earning an 85/100 J.D. Power reliability rating and a 7.8/10 from U.S. News.

Buick Encore 2021

Moving on to the most recent model lineup, 2021 ranks among the top Buick years to purchase.

This SUV has been out for a while, and things have gone well thus far.

Ten airbags and other driver-assistance features that we’ve already highlighted in prior years are included in the 2021 Encore, just like its predecessor.

The interior is luxurious, adaptable, and flexible.

Buick Encore 2022

The 2022 Buick Encore is worth including on this list because of its relentless attempt to produce a better version of the 2021 Buick Encore, which was already fantastic, even though it may be too soon to label it perfect.

With a package full of new features and improvements, the 2022 Encore stands tall and proud.

It includes a sunroof and regular LED daytime running lights, for instance.

Additionally, it includes revolutionary technology that blocks out traffic noises and other outside noises so you can fully concentrate on driving and listen to your preferred music and podcasts through the premium sound system without interruption.

This SUV has a smooth, comfort-oriented ride, but like the 2021 model, the 2022 model’s engine is underpowered.

Which Buick Encore model years ought to be avoided?

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Which Buick Encore model years ought to be avoided?

Some Buick Encores were less desired than others, just like any car.

The majority of these vehicles have cost their owners a lot of money because of problematic electrical and engine systems.

These are the years to stay away from.

Buick Encore (2013)

The 2013 Buick Encore is the ideal illustration of why it’s never a good idea to purchase a lineup’s base model.

Drivers have lost a lot of money because this one entered the market with major engine problems.

Six recalls have been issued for the car, making it one of the worst Encores.

While less than 500,000 units were typically affected by recalls.

The largest recall involved front seats that could move around during collisions, increasing the risk of injuries.

The problem would also affect 2014 models. Other recalls involved flaws that would eventually result in engine failure, including:

power cord for the engine’s block heater breaking,

the turbocharger failing

likewise leaks.

Buick Encore (2014)

In the entire series, the 2014 Buick Encore is notorious for having the most issues and complaints.

These issues necessitate expensive repairs, which reduce mileage and raise depreciation.

Among other things, the NHTSA had a lot to say about the engine. Over 3 million automobiles were involved in four recalls for this particular model.

The front seats’ instability was the subject of the recalls. Another problem was that the airbags didn’t work properly and wouldn’t inflate in the case of a collision.

The chairs posed a worse problem because they wouldn’t stay anchored in a collision. Additionally, the battery had issues and would prematurely expire.

Many people complained about the door locks not functioning properly.

Buick Encore (2015)

Although Buick was able to address a number of complaints from customers about the two prior models, some of the flaws still persisted.

Electrical, air conditioning, and brake issues plagued the 2015 Buick Encore. 

In a similar vein, it received four separate recalls, one of which involved an airbag that failed to deploy.

The brakes’ primary drawback was that they frequently made loud grinding noises that were distracting when driving.

Another issue that persisted from the 2014 model was the battery dying too soon. The engine’s turbocharger was also not fixed, and it lacked sufficient power.

Buick Encore 2016

The 2016 Buick Encore is only included on this list due to two recalls that involved a sizable number of vehicles (3.6 million). The 2016 model outperformed the 2015 model in every other respects.

The 2016 model still had the same engine troubles and airbag deployment issues.

The engine took the brunt of the criticism since it would occasionally cease working. Additionally, it would start to feel rough even while the car was at rest and frequently hesitated when accelerating.

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Blowing gaskets and intercooler failure were both very typical. The situation got worse because the turbocharger problem was still unresolved.

How Safe is Buick Encore?

From different sources, the Buick Encore has gotten varying safety ratings. The car boasts a lot of safety features, and some crash tests gave it excellent marks, but other tests gave it bad marks. To make sure you are purchasing a Buick Encore that is both safe and well-equipped, it is crucial to conduct thorough research on the precise model year and trim level you are considering.

Reliability of Buick Encore

Based on the search results, the Buick Encore’s reliability seems to be inconsistent. The car has a lower dependability rating than some other subcompact SUVs even though it is generally thought to be dependable. The J.D. Power expected dependability rating for the 2022 Buick Encore is “Best”. Having power is good. Before making a purchase, it’s crucial to look into the reliability ratings of particular model years. Regular maintenance, such as oil changes every 7,500 miles, can also increase a vehicle’s longevity.

Tips to Maintain Your Buick Encore

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Tips to Maintain Your Buick Encore

Based on the search results, here are some recommendations for maintaining your Buick Encore:

  • Observe the Buick Encore’s suggested maintenance schedule, which calls for frequent oil changes, tire rotations, and inspections.
  • Typically, the oil should be changed every 7,500 miles or once a year.
  • To guarantee even wear, rotate your tires every 7,500 miles.
  • Regularly check the levels of the windshield washer fluid, engine coolant, and the accelerator pedal.
  • Every 7,500 miles, lubricate the doors.
  • After 7,500 kilometers, get a general safety inspection.
  • Every 30,000 miles, change the air filter.
  • The cabin air filter should be changed every 15,000 miles.
  • Brake fluid must be changed every 45,000 miles.
  • To stop dirt and debris from gathering and harming your car, keep it clean.
  • To keep your Buick Encore in good shape and to avoid expensive repairs, adhere to the suggested maintenance program.

You can make sure that your Buick Encore operates well and lasts for many years by paying attention to the advice in this article. The secret to avoiding expensive repairs and maintaining the condition of your car is routine maintenance. In order to avoid further damage, it’s crucial to adhere to the suggested maintenance program for your particular model year.

How Can You Tell Whether Something Is a Lemon?

Purchase a vehicle history report.

There is no better initial step when purchasing a used car than to obtain a car history report. Two well-known services offer this information for little money: Anyone looking to purchase a used car will find the information provided by CarFax and AutoCheck extremely helpful. 

The reports let you know the number of past owners, whether or not it had any accidents, how frequently it required maintenance, and the current title. The final section is among the most crucial since it contains the lemon label, which attests that the car followed the correct legal procedures to be designated as a lemon.

However, in some areas, dealers must inform a customer if the vehicle is a manufacturer buyback, which is a reliable way to determine whether a vehicle has a lemon title. 

However, it is the responsibility of the buyer to conduct a thorough investigation into the vehicle’s history. Therefore, consumers may need help if they accidentally purchase a secondhand lemon because they must inspect it first.

Owner Background

You can view the owner’s history on the vehicle history report, which should indicate whether the manufacturer has purchased the vehicle back. 

While owners can claim a car is a lemon in a legal dispute and ask the automaker to buy back the problematic vehicle, that is a guaranteed technique to determine if the car was labeled a lemon.

 You can also determine if the vehicle was sold or traded before it was given a lemon tag if the prior owner may have missed an issue. It also implies that the car’s persistent issue must be apparent.

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Repair Record

Look carefully at the vehicle’s repair record and try to identify any recurring issues. Recurring problems in cars with lemon histories are simple to spot. You can determine whether the issues with the car are minor wear and tear concerns, such as those with the clutch or brakes, or a more severe problem. 

Check to discover if the repairs were necessary or carried out even when the car was brand new. It can assist in determining whether the car is a lemon or if an incident like a collision or modification caused a misdiagnosed issue.

Are the repairs significant or minor? A severe repair would deal with the drivetrain or suspension, whereas a superficial one would address non-driving-related issues like window or seat controls. 

Severe repairs would be more challenging, but handling a car might not be a hassle if a car was considered a lemon for a less severe cause.

The report also shows whether repairs are being made at a dealership or a general shop. Like you would with any used car, examine the vehicle’s general condition and health and determine whether routine maintenance has also been carried out. 

This will assist you in deciding whether or not you should consider purchasing this car.

Inspection before purchase

Is the car still a good investment? You should get a pre-purchase inspection if the flaws are not too concerning or if you believe the automobile may have been incorrectly labeled as a lemon. 

A mechanic can determine whether the problems are repairable and why the car was considered a lemon. 

A technician can assist you in determining whether or not a recurring issue is indicative of more severe problems or worries about the quality of the vehicle.

Their satisfaction with the car might help determine if it is a worthwhile investment or a lost cause.

FAQ on Buick Encore Best and Worst Years

What is a typical Buick Encore issue?

The Encore is recognized for its opulent appearance and durability. The Encore is dependable but not flawless. The Encore’s engines, seatbelts, and airbags are the most frequently reported faults by drivers, along with power loss.

The lifespan of a Buick Encore is?

The lifespan of a Buick Encore is how long? A well-maintained Buick Encore should typically last for 200,000 miles, or roughly 13 years, offering owners a good return on their $24,600 or higher investment. 

Which model of Buick is the most dependable?

Toyota Encore

The Buick Encore, which is ranked 2 out of 13 Most Reliable Luxury Subcompact SUVs, is the Buick model that is the most dependable and places highest in its vehicle category. The Buick Encore is followed by the Buick LaCrosse and Enclave.

Is Toyota or Buick better?

When compared to Toyota, the Buick brand performs better in terms of used car pricing, depreciation, and safety. 

Is Toyota more dependable than Buick?

Buick is unquestionably the most dependable U.S. automobile brand, surpassing brands like Ford and Chevrolet, according to Consumer Reports, even though it is less trustworthy than Japanese automakers like Mazda and Toyota. DD Power.

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