How Many Toyota Fuel Pumps Have Failed?

How Many Toyota Fuel Pumps Have Failed? [Answered]

How Many Toyota Fuel Pumps Have Failed? Toyota has added more than 1,327,000 vehicles to its continuing, unresolved fuel pump recall, which is producing a slew of difficulties for owners.

The unfortunate news is that this is the case.

The good news is that majority of the vehicles affected by the recall now have a fix, according to Toyota.

So far, Toyota has included the Toyota RAV4, Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Avalon, Toyota Sienna, Toyota 4Runner, Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Highlander, Toyota Tundra, Toyota Tacoma, and other Toyota vehicle.

Here is the estimate.

How Many Toyota Fuel Pumps Have Failed?

A total of 1.5 million vehicles in the United States have been recalled due to probable engine stalling and fuel pump malfunctions. Toyota and Lexus cars from 2013 through 2020 are included in the recall. At least 40 different models are affected.

How Many Toyota Fuel Pumps Have Failed?
How Many Toyota Fuel Pumps Have Failed?

What causes Toyota gasoline pumps to fail?

Toyota and Lexus are two of Toyota’s luxury brands. The impellers crack and absorb too much gasoline, causing them to deform over time and collide with the pump’s body, making it a bad fuel pump. These faulty fuel pump issues are said to cause harsh riding and fuel tank system failure. Similar arguments on these affected vehicles have been made in cases challenging other automakers.

Is There a Fix for Toyota’s Fuel Pump Recall?

Yes, Toyota has a fix for some of the vehicles affected by the fuel pump recall by toyota motor engineering.

How Many Toyota Fuel Pumps Have Failed?
How Many Toyota Fuel Pumps Have Failed?

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Many owner comments on Torque News, however, indicate that the repair does not work for them and causes failing fuel pump.

What Is The Issue With The Toyota Fuel Pump Recall?

The issue is that the automobiles in question have a low pressure gasoline pump that can malfunction.

If this happens, the instrument panel may display warning lights and messages, and the engine may run rough.

The car may stall as a result of this.

Worse yet, the car might not be able to be restarted.

According to Toyota, if a vehicle stalls while driving at higher speeds, the chance of a crash increases because of the fuel pressure.

Problems with the Previous Recall of Fuel Pumps

Toyota motor corporation should have ordered a safety recall long ago, according to two owners, because the firm allegedly knew the gasoline pumps were malfunctioning in 2013.

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Despite the fact that approximately 200,000 vehicles were recalled previously, the plaintiffs argue that many owners and lessees are still driving vehicles that need the gas tank to be repaired.

The fuel filter system sends fuel to the engine through two pumps: a low-pressure in-tank pump and a high pressure fuel in-line pump.

The faulty fuel pumps are in the fuel tanks, and impellers under the pump motors operate, drawing fuel and sending it up via the pumps.

The impellers in Toyota fuel pumps are low-density and have been subjected to production solvent drying for long periods of time, according to the recalls.

This generates cracks in the impellers, and the impellers may absorb enough gasoline to distort.

The impeller may come into touch with the fuel pump’s body due to severe deformation.

This can cause problems with the gasoline pumps, or even cause them to fail completely, resulting in engines that don’t operate well, can’t start, or stall while driving.

Toyota’s solution to the fuel pump recall is to replace the pumps with better ones.

According to the lawsuit, all impacted Toyota and Lexus consumers should be reimbursed for their vehicle purchases and compensated for overpaying for automobiles that have allegedly lost their worth.

Toyota should be required to replace or recall and repair all of the impacted vehicles, according to the lawsuit.

The Toyota gasoline pump case was brought in the United States of America.

What Are the Signs That Your Toyota Fuel Pump Is Failing?

Rough engine running, warning lights or warnings on the instrument panel, engine no start, and loss of motive power are all symptoms of a fuel pump malfunction, according to Toyota.

What Is the Number of Toyota Fuel Pumps That Have Failed?

Toyota’s enormous fuel pump recall has now been expanded to include additional 1.3 million vehicles.

This puts the overall number of automobiles in the United States to almost 6 million.

What Should I Do If My Toyota Fuel Pump Is On The Recall List?

If your Toyota is involved in a fuel pump recall, you have three options.

  • To begin, call local Toyota dealer right away to make a service appointment.
  • Second, anticipate being without your vehicle for a few weeks.
  • Third, make sure your AAA membership is up to date, and that you have both an Uber and Lyft app ready to use at any time.
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Toyota Fuel Pump

Recall of Lexus Vehicles and Toyota Fuel Pumps

A total of 1.5 million vehicles in the United States have been recalled due to the risk of engine stalling and fuel pump failure.

Toyota and Lexus cars from 2013 through 2020 are included in the recall.

There are at least 40 models that are affected.

According to a Toyota official statement, malfunctioning gasoline pumps might cause stalled engines, thus increasing the risk of a crash.

Since January 2020, the recalls have been ongoing.

At eligible Toyota and Lexus dealerships, fuel pumps can be replaced for free.

A Toyota fuel pump recall patch is apparently insufficient, took too long to be publicized, and does not address all Toyota and Lexus vehicles with faulty DENSO fuel pumps.

Previous fuel pump recalls allegedly included the following vehicles, according to the class action lawsuit, but the automaker allegedly sells additional vehicles with defective fuel pumps with part numbers beginning with 23220 and 23221.

The automobiles named in the fuel pump class action lawsuit have received complaints on:

  • Lexus LS 460
  • GS 350 Lexus
  • FJ Cruiser (Toyota)
  • IS-F (Lexus IS-F)
  • 4Runner (Toyota)
  • Toyota Land Cruiser
  • GX 460 Lexus
  • IS 350 Lexus
  • The Lexus LX 570
  • NX 200t Lexus
  • RC 350 Lexus
  • IS 200t Lexus
  • RC 200t Lexus
  • Toyota Sienna
  • Lexus RX 350
  • GS 300 Lexus
  • Avalon Toyota
  • Toyota Camry
  • Toyota Corolla
  • Highlander (Toyota)
  • Toyota Sequoia
  • Tacoma
  • Toyota Tundra
  • ES 350 Lexus
  • Lexus GS 350
  • IS 300 Lexus
  • LC 500 Lexus
  • LS 500 Lexus
  • The Lexus LS 500h
  • RC 300 Lexus

How long does it take the dealer to do the fuel pump recall repair?

Owners claim that the Toyota fuel pump recall repair required them to leave the vehicle for an extended period of time.

However, the time it takes to complete the task varies from one hour to four hours.

Before Toyota can begin mechanical repairs, the back seats and carpet must be removed in some vehicles.

What to Do If You’ve Been Injured Due to a Defective Vehicle

Drivers have plenty to worry about on a daily basis while navigating the highways.

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When a person gets behind the wheel of an automobile, he or she has a reasonable expectation that the vehicle will function in such a way that the operator’s life will not be jeopardized.

Each year, hundreds of vehicles are recalled owing to manufacturing problems, ranging from tires to ignition switches, which can result in catastrophic injuries and, in some cases, death.

(FAQ) Toyota Fuel Pumps Issues

Does Toyota have a recall on fuel pumps?

The 2014, 2015, and 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser models have been recalled owing to a malfunctioning fuel pump that might cause the engine to stall.

Which Toyota models are being recalled for fuel pumps?

The recall affects vehicles such as the Lexus LS 460 and GS 350 from 2013 to 2015, the 2017-2019 Toyota Highlander and 2017-2020 Toyota Sienna and Lexus RX 350, as well as the 2018-2020 Toyota Avalon, Camry, Corolla, Sequoia, Tacoma, Tundra, and the 2019-2020 Toyota RAV4.

Who makes Toyota fuel pumps?

Toyota and Lexus recalled almost 700,000 vehicles earlier this year before widening the recall to roughly 2,000,000 vehicles.
This big recall was due to a problem with the automobiles’ fuel pumps.
The fuel pumps were manufactured by DENSO and had a design flaw that might cause serious problems with the vehicle.

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