Why Did Toyota Stop Making The FJ Cruiser?

Why Did Toyota Stop Making The FJ Cruiser? [Answered]

Why Did Toyota Stop Making The FJ Cruiser? The 2014 FJ Cruiser was the final model year before it was discontinued.

Adventure-ready Toyota cars like the Toyota 4Runner and the off road-ready TRD Pro Series, on the other hand, keep the excitement and capability alive.

Why Did Toyota Stop Making The FJ Cruiser?
Why Did Toyota Stop Making The FJ Cruiser?

There’s a sturdy Toyota 4×4 waiting to take you exploring, no matter who you are.

If you are FJ Cruiser owners, local Toyota Care Center will continue to provide excellent service.

The FJ Cruiser is a retro styling and is inspired by the legendary FJ40 Land Cruiser and sports an off-road flair.

It debuted as a concept car at the North American International Auto Shows in January 2003.

Following widespread consumer backing, the FJ Cruiser was approved for manufacturing.

Why did Toyota discontinue production of the FJ Cruiser?

To address this question, we must first understand about the car’s development roadmap.

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Why Did Toyota Stop Making The FJ Cruiser?

Is the Toyota FJ Cruiser making a comeback?

The 2014 FJ Cruiser was the final model year before it was discontinued.

Adventure-ready Toyota cars like the 4Runner and the off-road-ready TRD Pro Series, on the other hand, keep the excitement and capability alive.

If you already own a FJ Cruiser, local Toyota Care Center will continue to provide excellent service.

The Toyota FJ Cruiser Makes Its Debut

The FJ Cruiser Concept was designed with the North American market in mind.

However, since its launch, it has been sold in modest quantities around the world and has garnered a lot of positive response.

In January 2005, it made its formal premiere at the North American International Chicago Auto Show.

It was, however, formally disbanded after only three years.

Since 2006, Toyota’s Hino Motors subsidiary in Hamura, Japan, has begun producing the FJ Cruiser.

The FJ Cruiser made its debut in Japan on December 4, 2010, after being unveiled on November 25 of that year.

On November 5, 2013, Toyota USA stated that the Trail Teams for the 2014 model year would be dubbed “Final Edition” and that the FJ Cruiser will be discontinued in that market.

It was made for sale in other markets, such as Australia, until August 2016, when exports ceased. It is still available in Chile, the Middle East, the Philippines, and South Africa as of January 2020.

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On September 12, 2017, the “Final Edition” of the FJ Cruiser launched on sale in Japan.

On January 31, 2018, the Toyota FJ Cruiser was officially retired.

Why did Toyota discontinue production of the FJ Cruiser?

The FJ Cruiser’s sales soared in the first few years after its release.

It appeals to first-time users because of FJ’s unique retro design and performance.

However, sales in North America fell from a peak of 56,225 units in 2006 to less than 12,000 units in 2009.

Critics attribute the decline in sales to:

  • In the mid-size SUV segment, there is more rivalry because of short wheelbase;
  • In the backdrop of growing gasoline prices, poor fuel economy;
  • Concerns about the environment
  • The Jeep Wrangler is up against some stiff competition.

For the 2010 model, Toyota plans to solve these concerns by using a normal engine rather than a premium engine with slightly improved fuel economy.

2008 Global Financial Crisis

The beginning of a steep reduction in sales and the end of profitability came with the 2008 recession.

This is also one of the key turning points in the worldwide economic collapse, which saw FJ Cruiser’s revenue fall and reach a nadir.

They were once quite popular as a classic all-terrain vehicle.

It is expected to be a vehicle capable of traversing any terrain in the most challenging environments.

Unfortunately, Toyota was heavily struck by the 2008 recession, and sales of the FJ Cruiser suffered as a result.

Although it had done well before that and earned a lot of positive reviews from off-road racers, it was withdrawn in 2014.

This is partly responsible for the FJ Cruiser’s likeness to the vintage Jeep.

The FJ Cruiser was supposed to be Toyota’s effort at making an off-road vehicle that was both affordable and powerful at the time.

As sales continued to decline due to the economic downturn, Toyota decided that the 2nd iteration was no longer viable, and production of the FJ Cruiser ended in 2014.

Toyota’s Investment Philosophy

Toyota has confirmed that the FJ Cruiser was produced at a lower cost.

Meanwhile, their rivals demonstrate that they are continually increasing their investment in research and development of similar vehicles.

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The original FJ Cruiser received rave reviews when it debuted at the 2003 Detroit Auto Show and went into production in 2006.

According to Toyota, the FJ Cruiser was designed to be a basic, capable, and affordable all-terrain vehicle, specifically aimed at off-road players who like to push boundaries.

Many of the vehicle’s designs and components are influenced by or adapted from popular Toyota cars such as the Tacoma and 4Runner.

Toyota ultimately made the error of lowering costs in the cabin, giving the rivals an advantage.

The FJ Cruiser’s sales have never surpassed those of its original model, which sold 56,225 units in 2006.

The maximum annual sales in subsequent years will be around 14,000 units.

Is It Possible to Resurrect the Toyota FJ Cruiser?

When the FJ Cruiser was phased out in the United States, automobile aficionados were left with a few options.

After the United States discontinued producing, Japan continued for a few years.

As a result, American drivers can still purchase a FJ Cruiser in Japan, import it, and have it transported to their home.

The FJ Cruiser was marketed and manufactured by Toyota until 2017, when it was phased out in Japan and most other countries.

Toyota even made an official statement with the “Final Edition,” a special Japanese edition of the FJ Cruiser.

Toyota has only left the FJ Cruiser in a few places throughout the world since 2017.

As of 2020, the FJ Cruiser is still available in several areas and nations throughout the world since its attractiveness continues to entice many riders.

Dealers for Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) are still taking orders for brand new vehicles, which are still shown on their website.

The price of the FJ Cruiser has risen dramatically as a result of growing demand and limited availability.

The FJ Cruiser is also available at Toyota Motor Corporation dealers in the Middle East as a racer option.

Similar vehicles are still being made at the Hamura facility in Tokyo, Japan, while the FJ Cruiser is claimed to have discontinued manufacturing in 2017.

Toyota is unlikely to bring the FJ Cruiser’s actual name back anytime soon.

However, leaders from the company have hinted that a new off-road-focused small SUV may be released in the coming years.

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This new vehicle will be built to go off-road.

The all-wheel-drive system will be more than just for safety; it will also have actual ground clearance and a shorter wheelbase for handling difficult terrain.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What will replace the FJ Cruiser?

The Toyota Tundra will be the first of these new models to be released in 2021, followed by new Toyota 4Runner and Sequoia models in 2022, and a new Tacoma in 2024.
We wanted to know if Toyota has any plans to bring back its retro-themed SUV, the FJ Cruiser, given that the Bronco nameplate is poised to return.

Are Toyota FJ Cruisers going up in value?

The base model’s median sales price more than doubled from around $14,000 in 2019 to $27,500 in 2020, and then rose to $30,450 in 2021.
On the insurance side of the business, we’re feeling the heat—FJ Cruiser policies have been growing every year since 2018 and aren’t slowing down.

Why are Fjs so expensive?

Only from 2007 onwards was the FJ Cruiser built.
It’s a USDM automobile, but it’s been discontinued, which could explain why they’re so pricey there.
They’ve become quite a cult automobile because they’re a capable off-roader and are no longer made.

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