BMW X4 Best and Worst Years

BMW X4 Best and Worst Years (Top Picks!)

A small, luxurious SUV, the BMW X4 debuted in 2014. It belongs to BMW’s X family of SUVs and is referred to as a Sports Activity Coupe (SAC) because of its sporty exterior and roofline that resembles a coupe.

The X4 has received numerous revisions and modifications since its debut, including a redesign in 2019 that offered fresh exterior and interior aesthetics, modernized electronics, and enhanced driving characteristics.

In more detail, let’s examine some of the BMW X4’s most significant and worst years.

BMW X4 Best and Worst Years
BMW X4 Best and Worst Years

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BMW X4 Best and Worst Years

According to Four Wheel Trends, the most incredible BMW X4 model years are 2018 and 2019, which have scored more than 4.5 stars in customer satisfaction ratings and have no official customer complaints or recalls. According to Car Complaints, the worst model year was the 2018 X4 model, with most issues cited as the door’s sharp edges and inside accessories. Although the BMW X3 and X4 are different cars, they are similar. According to, the 2020 BMW X3 has had ten official recalls. If a recall is issued, owners can get their cars fixed at no cost at a BMW shop. Regular maintenance and necessary repairs are also essential to ensure the longevity of the BMW X3. Car Edge has developed a maintenance program for X3 owners to adhere to, which includes replacing the oil and air filters at least every 15,000 miles.

Which Years of the BMW X4 Are the Most Reliable?

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Which Years of the BMW X4 Are the Most Reliable?

The BMW X4 has been a well-liked small premium SUV new car since 2014. Given its blend of athletic performance and helpful utility with android auto, it is understandable why the X4 is a highly sought-after vehicle. 

However, purchasing a car with a solid dependability record is crucial since it assures the automobile will be less likely to require expensive repairs or unanticipated failures. 

A reliable car is frequently more appealing to potential buyers if you decide to market it in the future, which can help you save money over time and provide you peace of mind while driving.

Below are details on the BMW X4’s most dependable model years to simplify your purchase.

2019 BMW X4

The 2019 BMW X4 represents a significant overhaul for the X4 with upgraded technologies, a fresh exterior and interior appearance, and enhanced driving characteristics.

Even though it has many similarities to the BMW X3, we wouldn’t call it the X3 coupe version. Instead, the X4 offers a highly distinctive driving feel under its wonderfully shaped body and a sharper suspension.

There are two available trim options for the car: xDrive30i and M40i. Both have unique engines and are made to cater to a range of clients.

The suspension, composed of lightweight components, helps maximize this vehicle’s low center of gravity. Its excellent ride quality and snappy handling increase how much fun driving is.

There is no safety rating for the 2019 BMW X4 from the NHTSA or IIHS. 

However, as you would expect from a car of this caliber, it is well-equipped with modern safety measures, such as detecting frontal collisions and emergency braking.

Six bags scattered throughout the cabin, a crash detection system, and Telematics, a feature that notifies emergency authorities if your X4 is involved in an accident

As a more current model year, BMW has implemented tweaks and improvements that benefit the 2019 BMW X4, making it more dependable than earlier models.

J.D. Power rates the BMW X4’s dependability as Better Than Most. The car receives a four out of five rating, which means it is very reliable.

For those seeking a small SUV with a premium feel and a sporty driving experience, the 2019 BMW X4 is a solid choice.

But before making a purchase, as with any car, it’s crucial to do your homework and consider your wants and needs.

2017 BMW X4

According to consumer reports, the second most reliable model years for the BMW X4 are the 2017 models. These model years have a low rate of reported problems and consistently receive high marks for reliability.

A combination of dynamic performance and functional practicality can be found in the 2017 BMW X4. This model year has an outstanding reliability track record, excellent customer satisfaction scores, and cutting-edge safety features.

The 2017 BMW X4 excels in terms of reliability. 

Despite a lower score than the 2019 X4 on J.D. Power, the 2017 model receives 3.5 stars out of 5 and obtains consistently good rankings for dependability with a low rate of reported faults. 

Owners should anticipate fewer unforeseen problems and less expensive repairs, which can help them save money over time.

One of the reasons the 2017 model year is regarded as one of the most reliable options among many of the BMW X4 model years is due to the X4’s reputation for dependability.

The 2017 BMW X4 also receives high marks for customer satisfaction. 

Customers highly applaud the X4’s sporty performance and functionality blend, luxurious interior, and cutting-edge technology features. 

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Additionally, several practical and potent engine alternatives are available for the 2017 model year. These engines have also won praise for their performance.

Safety is another excellent point for the 2017 BMW X4, even if the vehicle hasn’t undergone IIHS and NHTSA testing. 

Five stars (out of a possible five stars) were awarded to the X3, on which this model is based in the NHTSA’s overall safety rating.

Stability control, traction control, and several airbags are included as standard equipment on the X4, along with a sophisticated suite of driver assistance systems, such as:

  • Lane Departure Warning 
  • Frontal Collision Warning 
  • City Collision Mitigation

The 2017 BMW X4 offers a solid blend of sporty athleticism, sophistication, and utility in a durable and well-rounded car. 

For those looking for a compact luxury SUV, its high-reliability rating, increased customer happiness, and cutting-edge safety features make it a fantastic choice. However, there is little cargo room, and most small luxury SUVs are more practical.

Put another way, avoid the X4 entirely if you frequently fill more than just the front seats.

What BMW X4 Years Should You Avoid?

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What BMW X4 Years Should You Avoid?

Knowing which vehicle model years to steer clear of is crucial since it will enable you to make a better-informed decision when buying your vehicle.  

You can prevent potential problems and pricey repairs by knowing which model years have a higher rate of reported faults and poor reliability track records.

Consumer reviews indicate that specific BMW X4 model years, such as the 2015 and 2018 models, have more excellent rates of reported issues and should be avoided.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes the 2015 and 2018 model years ones to avoid.

2015 BMW X4

The first-generation BMW X4 began production in 2014 and was released as a 2015 model. 

As the first model to the X4 line-up, this vehicle can be described as outdated compared to a newer version, resulting in fewer safety features and advanced technology. 

The results were a mixed bag when researching this vehicle’s reliability and consumer reviews. However, it’s clear that the 2015 model lacks reliability and has a low consumer satisfaction rate. 

Regarding reliability, the 2015 BMW X4 has been reported to have a higher rate of problems than other model years. 

Kelley Blue Book reports that owners most commonly report the following services:

  • Oil change 
  • Wheel alignment
  • Flushing brake fluid and bleeding brakes
  • Air filter replacement
  • Engine diagnostics
  • Brake pad replacement

Owners have also mentioned transmission problems, such as jerky shifting, reluctance, and failure. These problems can be expensive and may require a transmission replacement.

Additionally, some owners have mentioned noises, vibrations, and uneven tire wear related to the vehicle’s suspension. These problems may call for replacement parts or alignment modifications and can be brought on by worn or damaged suspension parts.

The 2015 BMW X4 needs to earn better customer evaluations regarding satisfaction. Along with the abovementioned concerns, the infotainment system and power windows also present problems. 

The 2015 X4 has also drawn criticism for having a high cost of ownership.

These problems show that to make the most excellent vehicle option; you must do your homework, verify the vehicle history record, and have a pre-purchase inspection.

2018 BMW X4

Reviews of the 2018 BMW X4’s dependability, customer satisfaction, and reported issues have been mixed. 

Compared to several other model years of the BMW X4, the 2018 model year has a greater reported issue rate, per Consumer Reports.

Although the X4 is praised for its blend of athletic performance and helpful utility, some customers have expressed concerns about its high ownership costs and lack of cargo room compared to other SUVs in its class.

According to U.S. News, the predicted five-year expenses for petrol, insurance, repairs, and maintenance for the 2018 X4 are expected to be an astonishing $33,385, or $6,677 per year.

High ownership costs may relate to the increasing rate at which 2018 model owners have to service their vehicles. 

According to Kelley Blue Book, this X4 has the highest number of standard services of all models in its generation.

Despite having zero recalls, Consumer Reports indicate that the 2018 BMW X4 is less dependable than some existing BMW X4 model years. 

Some owners have noticed that the power, suspension, and infotainment system issues can be expensive and inconvenient to fix.

It’s crucial to remember that these difficulties are not exclusive to the 2018 model year, and their frequency can vary based on the model, the year, and how well it has been maintained.

However, based on the documented issues, the 2018 BMW X4 is seen as needing to be more dependable than some BMW X4 model years.

What Are Some Typical Problems With the BMW X4 Models?

All vehicle enthusiasts adore the BMW X4 because it is a stylish, potent, and opulent compact luxury SUV. But like most vehicles, this small SUV also has some drawbacks that are important to note.

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Some issues won’t surface for several years of use, while others are caused by technical problems that compelled the manufacturer to issue a recall.

Below we have listed the most common problems that BMW X4 owners have reported experiencing: 

  • Frontal passenger airbags fail to inflate
  • The vehicle doesn’t start properly
  • The brakes have some trouble performing
  • The windows won’t open or close
  • There’s a lack of visibility with the backup camera

How Safe Is BMW X4?

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How Safe Is BMW X4?

More information is needed on the safety of the BMW X4 m40i, although the related new BMW X3 m has gotten excellent safety ratings. The 2020 BMW X3 obtained a “Good” rating from the IIHS and a 5-star overall safety rating from the NHTSA, according to

According to, the BMW X4 m competition has yet to receive official crash test ratings from the NHTSA or IIHS, and the related BMW X3 has not seen any official recalls. According to Four Wheel Trends, the most incredible BMW X4 model years are 2018 and 2019, which have received above 4.5 stars in customer satisfaction ratings and have no official customer complaints or recalls.

When choosing a vehicle, it’s critical to put safety first and to keep up with any official recalls or safety issues.

Reliability of BMW X4

According to J.D. Power, which assigned the 2018 BMW X4 a dependability rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars, the BMW X4 has slightly above-average reliability.

According to U.S. Car News, the 2018 BMW X4 costs about $6,700 a year to operate and maintain, which is more expensive than the average premium car. Although improvements were made in gas mileage, the 2019 BMW X4 obtained a quality and reliability rating of 88 out of 100 from J.D. Power.

It now gets 20 to 22 mpg in the city and 27 to 29 mpg on the interstate. According to Four Wheel Trends, the most excellent BMW X4 model years are 2018 and 2019, which scored more than 4.5 stars in customer satisfaction ratings and have no official customer complaints or recalls. Although the BMW X3 and X4 are different cars, they are similar.

According to, the BMW X3 had ten formal recalls in 2020. However, owners can

How To Find The Best Deals on BMW X4?

It is advised to compare leasing offers, rates, and incentives from many dealers to discover the best offers on a BMW X4. The 2022 BMW X4 discounts and rebates are detailed on Find new BMW X4s for sale using the search engine provided by

For comparison purposes, U.S. News Best Cars give details on lease offers, sticker costs, and incentives for the 2023 BMW X3. Additionally, provides information on discounts and incentives for the BMW X3 models from 2022 and 2023.

Customers may obtain the most terrific deal on a BMW X4 by comparing the available offers and considering the car’s dependability and safety.

Tips for Maintaining your BMW X4

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Tips for Maintaining your BMW X4

It’s critical to do routine maintenance and required repairs to maintain a BMW X4. For owners of the BMW X3, Car Edge has created a maintenance schedule that also applies to the X4. Four Wheel Trends recommends changing the oil and air filters at least every 15,000 miles.

For BMW X3 maintenance jobs that the owner may perform himself, offers a variety of repair manuals and video lessons.

According to Engine Patrol, it’s also advisable to frequently wash the automobile to get rid of the salt, grime, and debris that might lead to rust. In addition, it’s crucial to keep the battery securely fastened and to drive the car regularly and for long periods if you want to increase the battery life.

Prioritizing safety and dependability is likewise crucial, as is keeping abreast of any official recalls or security issues.

According to Four Wheel Trends, the most excellent BMW X4 model years are 2018 and 2019, which scored more than 4.5 stars in customer satisfaction ratings and have no official customer complaints or recalls.

How Can You Tell Whether Something Is a Lemon?

Purchase a vehicle history report.

There is no better initial step when purchasing a used car than to obtain a car history report. Two well-known services offer this information for little money: Anyone looking to purchase a used car will find the information provided by CarFax and AutoCheck extremely helpful.

The reports let you know the number of past owners, whether or not it had any accidents, how frequently it required maintenance, and the current title.

The final section is among the most crucial since it contains the lemon label, which attests that the car followed the correct legal procedures to be designated as a lemon.

However, in some areas, dealers must inform a customer if the vehicle is a manufacturer buyback, which is a reliable way to determine whether a vehicle has a lemon title.

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However, it is the responsibility of the buyer to conduct a thorough investigation into the vehicle’s history. Therefore, consumers may need help if they accidentally purchase a secondhand lemon because they must inspect it first.

Owner Background

You can view the owner’s history on the vehicle history report, which should indicate whether the manufacturer has purchased the vehicle back.

While owners can claim a car is a lemon in a legal dispute and ask the automaker to buy back the problematic vehicle, that is a guaranteed technique to determine if the car was labeled a lemon.

You can also determine if the vehicle was sold or traded before it was given a lemon tag if the prior owner may have missed an issue. It also implies that the car’s persistent issue must be apparent.

Repair Record

Look carefully at the vehicle’s repair record and try to identify any recurring issues. Recurring problems in cars with lemon histories are simple to spot.

You can determine whether the issues with the car are minor wear and tear concerns, such as those with the clutch or brakes, or a more severe problem. Check to discover if the repairs were necessary or carried out even when the car was brand new.

It can assist in determining whether the car is a lemon or if an incident like a collision or modification caused a misdiagnosed issue.

Are the repairs significant or minor? A severe repair would deal with the drivetrain or suspension, whereas a superficial one would address non-driving-related issues like window or seat controls.

Severe repairs would be more challenging, but handling a car might not be a hassle if a car was considered a lemon for a less severe cause.

The report also shows whether repairs are being made at a dealership or a general shop. Like you would with any used car, examine the vehicle’s general condition and health and determine whether routine maintenance has also been carried out. This will assist you in deciding whether or not you should consider purchasing this car.

Inspection before purchase

Is the car still a good investment? You should get a pre-purchase inspection if the flaws are not too concerning or if you believe the automobile may have been incorrectly labeled as a lemon.

A mechanic can determine whether the problems are repairable and why the car was considered a lemon.

A technician can assist you in determining whether or not a recurring issue is indicative of more severe problems or worries about the quality of the vehicle.

Their satisfaction with the car might help determine if it is a worthwhile investment or a lost cause.


Is the BMW X4 trustworthy?

Comparing the 2023 X4 to other new cars, we anticipate it to be fairly reliable. This forecast is supported on information from comparable BMW vehicles and the brand’s past performance.

Is the BMW X4 dependable?

Analyzing the reliability of a new car is one of the most important considerations. U.S. News ranked small SUVs, and the BMW X4 came out on top. There isn’t much more BMW could say about reliability with a J.D. Power score of 89 out of 100.

When was the BMW X4 updated?

In 2021, BMW upgraded the X4 with a new exterior design, a modernized dashboard, and mild hybrid technology for the M40i variant.

Do BMW X4 issues exist?

The NHTSA frequently hears complaints from car owners about structural and brake problems. A sporting activity coupe that enhances the experience is the 2022 BMW X4.

Is X4 superior to X3?

If cargo space is important to you, the 2023 BMW X3 is the better option. Behind its back seats, the X3 has 28.7 cubic feet of cargo capacity. Maximum cargo space is created when the back seats are folded down; it is 62.7 cubic feet. The 2023 BMW X4 has only 18.5 cubic feet of room behind its rear seats due to its fastback-style roofline.

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