how to update C-HR navigation system

How To Update C-HR Navigation System? [Answered]

The Toyota C-HR is compatible with Android Auto, allowing you to use your Android apps like Spotify, Waze, Google Maps, and YouTube Music on your car’s infotainment screen.

But, how to update C-HR Navigation System?

In addition, you can use Google Assistant to use voice commands to utilize navigation, send messages, or make phone calls.

Toyota Hilux SR5 2018 Sat Nav
How To Update C-HR Navigation System? [Answered]

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How To Update C-HR Navigation System? [Answered]

On your smartphone, install Android Auto.

To utilize Android Auto on the Toyota C-HR, your Android device must run version 5.0 Lollipop or higher.

In addition, an Android version of 6.0 Marshmallow or higher is advised for optimum performance.

Android Auto must first be downloaded from the Google Play Store if your device runs Android 9 Pie or an earlier operating system version; otherwise, it comes pre-installed.

Ensure the feature is turned on if you want to use the “Hey Google” service with Google Assistant in your C-HR.

Next, open the Google app on your Android phone. Next, tap More in the lower right corner.

Then activate Hey Google by going to Settings > Voice > Voice Match.

Turn on Android Auto in your C-HR

Before using Android Auto, you must enable it in the infotainment system settings of the C-HR.

Make sure Android Auto is set on by selecting Menu > Setup > General > Projection Settings.

The telephone is plugged into the USB port on C-HR.

image 33
The telephone is plugged into the USB port on C-HR.

Utilize a genuine USB data connection to connect your Android phone to the USB port on your Toyota C-HR.

Accept any Android Auto terms and conditions that may appear on your car.

You might be asked to grant the Android Auto software on your phone-specific rights, such as control over phone calls and SMS messaging.

Grant all necessary authorizations.

Android Auto will start up on the infotainment screen of your C-HR in a short while.

If you’re unsure which, USB port on your specific C-HR version supports Android Auto, check your owner’s manual or try inserting the cable one at a time into each USB port on the dashboard and center console.

Toyota C-HR lacks Android Auto functionality.

When you put in the USB cable to your C-HR, Android Auto should start.

However, there is no Android Auto icon in the infotainment system’s list of apps.

This can happen for several reasons.

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Your C-infotainment HR’s system settings have Android Auto deactivated.

Ensure Android Auto is installed and has the appropriate permissions if it isn’t already on your phone.

You’re using a faulty or unbranded USB data cable.

An alternative cable, preferably the original, should be tried.

Your C-linked HR’s USB port does not support Android Auto. Test several USB ports.

Android Auto’s issue is a result of a software error.

First, try returning the infotainment system on the C-HR to factory default settings.

Then, go to Settings > Apps > Android Auto > Storage on your phone to remove Android Auto’s data and cache.

You drive a C-HR that is older and does not support Android Auto. Android Auto is only compatible with Toyota C-HR models from the 2020 model year and beyond.

Get your C-HR checked out by a certified Toyota dealer if you still have trouble connecting to Android Auto.

On the Toyota C-HR, I am using Google Assistant.

Google Assistant is a voice recognition technology that uses artificial intelligence to let you handle the features of your Android device while operating your C-HR while keeping your attention on the road.

Using the virtual assistant, you may use additional features of your Android phone, such as making phone calls, sending and receiving text messages, playing music, and getting directions hands-free.

In addition, more information is available by asking Google Assistant about the current weather, market prices, or forthcoming events on your calendar.

Press and hold the speak button on your C-steering HR’s wheel until you hear an audio alert to activate Google Assistant.

You can launch Google Assistant by clicking the mic button when using the Android Auto app.

You can also say “Hey Google” if the “Hey Google” feature is enabled in your Android device’s Voice Match settings.

Then, when you hear the audio alert, you can start requesting help.

Close the windows to lessen background noise and talk using Google Assistant.

Additionally, ensure the dashboard’s air vents are not pointed at the vehicle’s microphone.

Which C-HR models are Android Auto compatible?

image 34
Which C-HR models are Android Auto compatible?

Android Auto is compatible with Toyota C-HR automobiles from the 2020 model year and later.

Using Waze on a Toyota C-HR equipped with Android Auto

Waze is built on real-time data from the 100 million user database and the Android Location Service.

It is among the top apps in the world for suggesting routes that take construction and traffic into account.

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Waze can also give current news about mishaps and unforeseen delays.

In addition, the software works flawlessly with Android Auto. Download the Waze app from the Google Play Store on your phone, then launch the Android Auto app on the infotainment screen of your C-HR.

Using Android Auto and Google Maps in a Toyota C-HR

The finest sat-nav software, Google Maps, must be on any list of the best Android auto applications.

Maps are a crucial component of the Android ecosystem and are probably the software you’ll use the most while using your C-HR.

The decision between Google Maps and Waze is often based on personal choice. We believe both are excellent.

Since Google Maps is a built-in function of Android smartphones, you do not need to download it.

Spotify on C-HR usage

On your C-HR, you can stream music via Spotify. Download the Spotify app from the Google Play Store, and when Android Auto is enabled, its symbol will appear in the infotainment display.

With Google Assistant, you can use voice commands to use Spotify hands-free.

For example, to let Google Assistant know which service you’re referring to, add “on Spotify” at the end (for example, “Hey Google, play my “Your Mix of the Week” playlist on Spotify”).

Playlists, albums, podcasts, artists, and more may all be played by Google Assistant.

Additionally, you can ask what song is playing, “like” music, and control playback (such as volume, song skip, and play/pause).

Not all applications work with Android Auto.

image 35
How To Update C-HR Navigation System? [Answered] 7

You are mistaken if you believe Android Auto will allow you to utilize every Android app in your Toyota C-HR.

It would be best if you put up with limitations and a small variety of suitable apps, mainly when using IM apps.

For example, Google Assistant almost entirely controls WhatsApp and SMS messages.

You can only have new messages read to you or even dictate messages, so you are unable to view your message history.

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FAQ on How To Update C-HR Navigation System

Are upgraded navigation systems necessary?

They usually remain put. But over time, things do shift gradually. Streets are renamed, bridges are replaced, and traffic patterns are altered as a result of road rerouting or other safety-related changes. So, if you frequently use the navigation system and frequently drive in strange cities, it’s probably worth updating it every four to five years.

Do Uconnect’s navigation updates themselves?

Are you using the most recent version of your Uconnect® system? To guarantee that your Uconnect system is operating at its best, check to see whether you need an update and download the most recent version of the software. Software updates are automatically distributed to the vehicle over the air once they become available for select MY13 and later vehicles.

How can I get a free upgrade for my auto navigation system?

The OpenStreetMap project lets you get maps and upload them to your system without spending any money, so you can update your GPS for nothing. A database of free maps that is updated by volunteers makes up this Open Source software. Different navigation systems are compatible with the downloaded maps.

Is there a navigation system in the Toyota CHR?

Toyota’s Touch 2 system, which employs an 8.0-inch touchscreen and offers Bluetooth phone connectivity and a DAB radio, is standard on every C-HR. If you upgrade to the mid-spec Design trim (or higher), you’ll also get a built-in sat-nav with an internet connection to provide real-time traffic updates and other information.

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