BMW Z4 Best and Worst Years

BMW Z4 Best and Worst Years (Top Picks!)

A classic sports automobile manufactured since 2002 is the BMW Z4.

Knowing which models of the used BMW Z4 are the most dependable is crucial.

Here is a simple guide to steer clear of particular years and models to ensure maximum performance from your BMW Z4. 

BMW Z4 Best and Worst Years
BMW Z4 Best and Worst Years

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Buying Advice BMW Z4

BMW Z4 Best and Worst Years

According to several sources, the BMW Z4’s worst years include 2003, 2005, 2007, 2011, and 2020 versions. There have been complaints of specific model years having problems with the service brakes, a slipping steering wheel, and difficulty driving the vehicle. But there are other dependable alternatives for the BMW Z4. The 2015 and 2013 BMW Z4 versions, which come with a more refined interior and appearance, updated features including BMW’s iDrive infotainment system with navigation and CD/MP3 playback and better suspension and interior materials, are recommended as good used Z4 options by When choosing a vehicle, it’s crucial to put dependability and safety first. When purchasing a secondhand BMW Z4, it is crucial to look out for problems like a misfiring engine, hydraulic cam lifters that might leak oil, and coolant expansion tank leaks, advises BMW Z4 owners may contribute to ensuring the safety and dependability of their vehicles by prioritizing safety, remaining informed of any official recalls or safety issues, and performing routine maintenance and required repairs.

Regarding the Z4

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Regarding the Z4

The BMW Z4 is a two-seat sports automobile that was first released in 2002 and has since been produced. The most recent model, the G29, debuted in 2019 and featured a lightweight design, a strong engine, and cutting-edge technologies.

The Z4’s exterior features two doors, smooth contours, and a contemporary design. It has 18-inch wheels as standard, but 19-inch wheels are also an option. In addition, customers can choose from a large selection of colors to personalize the appearance of their vehicle.

The Z4 has a variety of available powerplant options. Depending on the trim level, customers can choose between a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with 255 horsepower and a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six engine with 382 horsepower. The most recent model has an 8-speed automatic transmission and xDrive all-wheel drive.

The Z4’s interior is adorned with high-end materials, including leather upholstery, metal accents, and wood trim to give passengers a cozy and elegant setting. In addition, numerous technological options are available, such as Wi-Fi hotspot functionality, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, adaptive cruise control, and a lane departure warning system.

The BMW Z4 is a fantastic choice for people looking for a luxury sports car with performance potential and contemporary conveniences. It’s one of the most excellent options on the market, thanks to its combination of design, strength, comfort, and ease. The Z4 will impress whether you need a daily vehicle or a weekend toy.

Along with its remarkable safety features, the BMW Z4 also offers adaptive headlights, lane-keeping assistance, and front collision warning. Additionally, it boasts driver assistance features like active blind spot recognition and automatic emergency braking that help keep drivers safe in any circumstance.

The Z4 includes an optional Active Protection System that automatically closes windows and tightens seatbelts to bring extra protection during a collision.

Which BMW Z4 model years are the best?

A few years are excellent selections when looking for a used BMW Z4. However, the 2016 model distinguishes out for having more modern comfort and technology features at a lower cost than the g29 generation.

A potent 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 240 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque is featured in the 2016 BMW Z4 sDrive28i as standard equipment for rear-wheel drive. In addition, the car incorporates an automated stop-start system that turns off the engine when stationary to enhance fuel efficiency for those choosing manual transmission options. It is available with a 6-speed manual or an 8-speed automatic transmission at no additional cost.

According to Edmunds performance testing, the Z4 28i’s zero to 60 mph time with a manual transmission was 5.8 seconds, similar to the V6 power output of the Mercedes SLK 350.

The EPA estimates the combined fuel economy to be 26 mpg (22 city/34 highway), but choosing an automatic will reduce your highway mileage by one mpg.

Another excellent option for shopping for a used Z4 is the 2015 BMW Z4. Compared to the previous year, it has a more refined interior and exterior and updated technologies, like BMW’s iDrive infotainment system with navigation and CD/MP3 playback.

A 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine or a 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine with 240 or 300 horsepower each provides the power. In addition, the 2015 BMW Z4 sports upgraded suspension and steering parts for a smoother ride than the previous model years.

The 2013 BMW Z4 is the most affordable model but combines luxury and excellent performance. It has a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder or a 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine under the hood, generating 240 or 300 horsepower, respectively.

In addition, the 2013 model features revised interior materials, a better suspension, and modern technology, like BMW’s iDrive infotainment system with navigation and CD/MP3 playback.

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The 2011 BMW Z4 is attractive if you want the most value for your money. Because of its powerful engines, a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder or a 3.0-liter six-cylinder, it still provides excellent performance, but because it is older, it is priced affordably.

The major drawback is that some of the more recent technology is not offered, such as BMW’s iDrive infotainment system with navigation and CD/MP3 playback.

The BMW Z4 offers an outstanding balance of performance and luxury that is difficult to match, regardless of your chosen model. It is now among the top sports cars available thanks to yearly new features and enhanced handling additions. The BMW Z4 is unquestionably an option to consider if you’re seeking a convertible with excellent performance at a low price.

What BMW Z4 years should I steer clear of?

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What BMW Z4 years should I steer clear of?

Since their release in 2003, BMW Z4 vehicles have been in demand in the secondhand automobile market; nevertheless, some years are generally preferable to others.

Doing your homework will help you choose the correct model year if you’re considering buying a BMW Z4. A reliable automobile with few issues can be purchased if you know the BMW Z4 years to avoid.

It is advised to avoid year models 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 because they are more likely to have problems. Among the problems are:

Stickiness in Steering

According to reports, the 2003 BMW Z4 has a sticky steering problem that delays reaction times and makes it challenging for drivers to make adjustments while driving, but not to the point where it poses a severe safety risk.

Other BWZ4 models also exhibit this issue, which makes driving such machines challenging. This isn’t a huge issue, but it can nevertheless make driving some Z4 vehicles more challenging than usual.

Airbags Have Issues

The airbag sensors in the model year 2007 had a severe flaw since they would randomly activate even when no danger was present. This occasionally led to the airbags detonating randomly and without warning, posing an unnecessary safety risk.

Unfortunately, vehicle history cannot predict which cars will experience the airbag problem and which won’t.

This issue can impact both circumstances, regardless of whether an automobile has been in an accident. Fortunately, only a tiny minority of 2007 Z4s are impacted by this issue because it is uncommon.

Grill Is Incompatible

The front bumper of the Z4 tends to pop out of place while driving over potholes or dips in the road, which may be more of an aesthetic issue than a significant safety worry. Unfortunately, this makes driving on uneven roads tricky and challenging to rectify.

However, you can avoid this problem with cautious navigation and proactive safety procedures!

Convertibility Issues

The convertible BMW Z4 has been known to experience problems with the roof not opening fully or the windows not opening fully.

The top of your car can frequently get stuck while opening or closing, but it’s typically more problematic when stuck open.

Fortunately, you may frequently resolve this problem independently; nevertheless, if you cannot, visiting an automotive specialist is advised for a resolution.

An electrical failure that produces this problem can be costly to fix. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you look for this problem before purchasing a Z4, as correcting it will take a lot of work.

How Safe Is BMW Z4?

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How Safe Is BMW Z4?

Although the BMW Z4 is generally regarded as dependable and secure, some model years should be avoided owing to known problems. According to several sites, the BMW Z4’s worst years, like,, and, are the 2003, 2005, 2007, 2011, and 2020 models.

Specific model years have complained about having problems with the service brakes, a slipping steering wheel, and difficulty driving the vehicle.

But there are other dependable alternatives for the BMW Z4. Except for the 2003 and 2007 models, practically all BMW Z4 model years are dependable choices, according to

Furthermore, the 2015 and 2013 BMW Z4 models provide excellent options for a used Z4, including a more upscale interior and exterior, modernized features like BMW’s iDrive infotainment system with navigation and CD/MP3 playback, as well as better suspension and interior materials.

When selecting a vehicle, it’s crucial to put safety and dependability first. It’s also crucial to maintain

Is the BMW Z4 dependable?

Several crucial elements must be considered when examining the dependability of BMW Z4 vehicles. First, the car’s time on the roads is the most critical aspect.

This establishes the degree of deterioration it has undergone over its lifetime and any potential issues that might have arisen with particular parts or systems.

The maintenance history should also be taken into account because it can reveal whether or not owners completed their planned maintenance.

A BMW Z4’s overall build quality is another crucial aspect in deciding its dependability. As with any vehicle, some parts may get worn or faulty over time and must be replaced or repaired.

The BMW Z4 will probably have fewer issues if it is well-manufactured and built. However, it is also important to remember that engine size and transmission type variations could make some models more dependable than others.

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Reviews from automobile magazines are one approach to learning about owners’ opinions regarding the dependability of a specific BMW Z4 model. Additionally, forums devoted to particular makes and models might offer first-hand knowledge from people who regularly own and operate such vehicles.

Ultimately, a BMW Z4’s dependability will be based on how well it has been maintained and cared for during its lifetime. It will serve its owner faithfully for many years with a minor issue if it receives adequate care.

However, issues requiring expensive repairs or replacements can arise if neglect or inadequate maintenance has been a concern. Therefore, it’s crucial to do your homework before buying a BMW Z4 to ensure it meets your expectations for dependability and long-term worth.

The most important thing when buying a car is to ensure you receive both reliability and value. The BMW Z4 has developed a reputation as a superb, high-performance vehicle with outstanding elegance and thrilling driving qualities.

Additionally, regular maintenance should offer good long-term dependability throughout its lifespan. Therefore, a BMW Z4 can be precisely what you need if you’re looking for a high-end sports car that checks all the right boxes.

The BMW Z4 is regarded as a trustworthy automotive option if it has been well maintained and looked after. Additionally, it has received favorable evaluations for its performance and build quality from both owners and automotive magazines.

This makes it a desirable choice for anyone searching for a fashionable car with lots of power and long-lasting dependability. As a result, the BMW Z4 is unquestionably worthwhile to investigate, given its dependability and overall value.

A BMW Z4 should continue to be dependable and enjoyable for many years with the proper maintenance and care. Therefore, conduct your homework before buying this model to choose wisely and get the rewards of having one of these beautiful cars.

How To Find The Best Deals on BMW Z4?

It is advised to check pricing, incentives, and rebates from many dealers to locate the most fantastic offers on a BMW Z4. Information on discounts and incentives for the 2022 BMW Z4 models may be found on

In addition, new BMW Z4 vehicles are listed for sale on, along with their prices and locations. When choosing a vehicle, it’s also advised to put safety and dependability first. The worst years for the BMW Z4 include, according to, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2011, and 2020 models.

These models have reported faults with the service brakes and a sliding steering wheel, among other things.

Therefore, customers may obtain the most terrific great deal on a BMW Z4 by comparing the available offers and considering the durability and safety of the car and avoid an expensive repairs.

It is also advised to search internet discussion boards like BimmerFest BMW Forum for advice from current BMW Z4 owners.

Tips for Maintaining your BMW Z4

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Tips for Maintaining your BMW Z4

A BMW Z4 needs routine maintenance and attention to potential problems. First, check the vehicle’s service history to ensure it has been kept up to date, especially in recent years, advises

Although onboard diagnostics can tell when a service is necessary, requesting a paper history to double-check is advised.

Next, examining the tires for age, type, wear, and wheel damage is crucial. Rear springs are prone to breaking, and suspension bushes frequently contribute to erratic driving.

It’s also advised to check for leaks in the coolant expansion tank and the DISA valve, which regulates airflow and may result in a misfire and decreased power at low speeds.

Online discussion boards like the BimmerFest BMW Forum can offer advice from existing BMW owners. According to, leasing a BMW Z4 can also be an intelligent decision thanks to a range of lease offers, options, and packages.

Owners of BMW Z4 year may support the maintenance of their vehicle’s dependability and safety by keeping up with routine maintenance and essential repairs for the most common problems.

How Can You Tell Whether Something Is a Lemon?

Purchase a vehicle history report.

There is no better initial step when purchasing a used car than to obtain a car history report. Two well-known services offer this information for little money: Anyone looking to purchase a used car will find the information provided by CarFax and AutoCheck extremely helpful.

The reports let you know the number of past owners, whether or not it had any accidents, how frequently it required maintenance, and the current title.

The final section is among the most crucial since it contains the lemon label, which attests that the car followed the correct legal procedures to be designated as a lemon.

However, in some areas, dealers must inform a customer if the vehicle is a manufacturer buyback, which is a reliable way to determine whether a vehicle has a lemon title.

However, it is the responsibility of the buyer to conduct a thorough investigation into the vehicle’s history.

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Therefore, consumers may need help if they accidentally purchase a secondhand lemon because they must inspect it first.

Owner Background

You can view the owner’s history on the vehicle history report, which should indicate whether the manufacturer has purchased the vehicle back.

While owners can claim a car is a lemon in a legal dispute and ask the automaker to buy back the problematic vehicle, that is a guaranteed technique to determine if the car was labeled a lemon.

You can also determine if the vehicle was sold or traded before it was given a lemon tag if the prior owner may have missed an issue. It also implies that the car’s persistent issue must be apparent.

Repair Record

Look carefully at the vehicle’s repair record and try to identify any recurring issues. Recurring problems in cars with lemon histories are simple to spot.

You can determine whether the issues with the car are minor wear and tear concerns, such as those with the clutch or brakes, or a more severe problem.

Check to discover if the repairs were necessary or carried out even when the car was brand new. It can assist in determining whether the car is a lemon or if an incident like a collision or modification caused a misdiagnosed issue.

Are the repairs significant or minor? A severe repair would deal with the drivetrain or suspension, whereas a superficial one would address non-driving-related issues like window or seat controls.

Severe repairs would be more challenging, but handling a car might not be a hassle if a car was considered a lemon for a less severe cause.

The report also shows whether repairs are being made at a dealership or a general shop.

Like you would with any used car, examine the vehicle’s general condition and health and determine whether routine maintenance has also been carried out.

This will assist you in deciding whether or not you should consider purchasing this car.

Inspection before purchase

Is the car still a good investment? You should get a pre-purchase inspection if the flaws are not too concerning or if you believe the automobile may have been incorrectly labeled as a lemon.

A mechanic can determine whether the problems are repairable and why the car was considered a lemon.

A technician can assist you in determining whether or not a recurring issue is indicative of more severe problems or worries about the quality of the vehicle.

Their satisfaction with the car might help determine if it is a worthwhile investment or a lost cause.


The best Z4 generation so far?

Just be ready to allocate a little bit more money for maintenance bills than you ordinarily would, especially for the 2007 model. The 2016 BMW Z4 is perhaps the most practical and finest overall option among the BMW Z4 years to avoid. However, the performance metrics and consistency of the 2015 and 2017 models are also superior.

Is the BMW Z4 trustworthy?

buying a modern vehicle. It’s also a fantastic way to balance off the cost-effectiveness of some domestic companies’ repairs with the higher reliability of some brands (like Lexus). (e.g. Ford). The BMW Z4 has an overall long-term quality rating of 93.1, higher than the 43 average across the Makes and Models we looked at.

When was the BMW Z4’s hardtop available?

Since it was the first Z Series model to employ a retractable hardtop, the car’s roadster and coupé versions were combined into a single model.

Is buying a Z4 worthwhile?

Do I need to purchase a 2023 BMW Z4? If you’re looking for a luxury sports car on a tight budget, you should think about the BMW Z4. The Z4 is a relative value in this class at about $53,000 and above, but there are some other excellent possibilities as well.

When did the body of the BMW Z4 change?

The 2006 North American International Auto Show in Detroit saw the introduction of the Z4 facelift cars, also referred to as LCI models.

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