Ferrari Roma Best and Worst Years

Welcome, car lovers! In this blog post, we’ll dive into the world of Ferrari Roma – a stunning daily-usable supercar that perfectly blends speed and sophistication.

We’ll explore its best and worst years to date, highlighting outstanding features and performance aspects that make it stand out among high-end sports cars.

From its inception in 2019 to the thrilling convertible Spider body style introduced in 2024, we’ve got you covered with all things Ferrari Roma.

Key Takeaways

  • The 2021 and 2023 models of the Ferrari Roma are among the best years, with powerful V8 engines and striking design elements.
  • The introduction of the convertible Spider body style in 2024 has elevated the Roma’s appeal even further.
  • There is a lack of information on any significant performance issues or problems with the Ferrari Roma, pointing to its quality engineering and attention to detail by Ferrari.
  • Potential factors that could affect the success of the Roma in future include increased competition from other high-end sports cars, changes in environmental regulations, fluctuations in global economy, and evolution in technology.
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Ferrari Roma Best and Worst Years

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Ferrari Roma: A Review Of The Best And Worst Years

The Ferrari Roma  generates some impressive model years, including the 2021 and 2023 models which are known for their stunning design and performance capabilities. However, with the introduction of the convertible Spider body style in 2024, critics suggest that this may be the best year yet for this grand touring sports car.

2021 Ferrari Roma: The Most Beautiful Grand Touring Sports Car

The 2021 Ferrari Roma  comes stands out as the most beautiful grand touring sports car, blending elegance with powerful performance. This model features a stunning design that harkens back to classic Ferraris while incorporating modern elements.

Underneath the hood lies a potent 3.9-liter V8 engine producing and makes 612 horsepower and 561 pound-feet, making the Roma more than capable of thrilling acceleration and impressive top speed rivaling other supercars in its class.

The instantaneous throttle response mentioned in Important Fact #2 contributes to an exhilarating driving experience that car lovers will undoubtedly appreciate.

Despite being a high-performance machine with aggressive capabilities, the 2021 Roma maintains an air of sophistication often missing from today’s overly aggressive supercars.

2023 Ferrari Roma: Stunning Design And Performance

The 2023 Ferrari Roma is a grand touring sports car that boasts stunning design and performance. It features a sleek exterior with smooth lines, giving it an elegant look.

In addition to its impressive performance capabilities, the interior of the 2023 Roma is also luxurious and comfortable for long drives.

Overall, the 2023 Ferrari Roma offers best-in-class styling and performance while still being practical enough for daily use as a grand touring car.

2024 Ferrari Roma: Adding A Thrilling Convertible Spider Body Style

The 2024 Ferrari Roma is the latest addition to this already impressive model line-up. This year, the Roma introduces a new convertible Spider body style that takes its allure and appeal to the next level.

The sleek lines, bold contours, and eye-catching styling make it stand out from the crowd. The retractable hardtop roof provides a thrilling driving experience with wind in your hair as you cruise down the open road.

It also adds more versatility to an already practical Ferrari GT car, making it perfect for any occasion or weather condition.

A Review Of The Latest Model: Not Focusing On Performance And Aggression Might Be The Key

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A Review Of The Latest Model: Not Focusing On Performance And Aggression Might Be The Key

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The latest model of the Ferrari Roma is all about striking a balance between performance and luxury. While previous models have emphasized speed and aggression, this newest addition takes a different approach.

Many car enthusiasts laud this new direction as a refreshing change from the current trend in high-end sports cars. Rather than being solely focused on raw power, the Ferrari Roma offers something that’s just as important: refinement.

New Roma Model Joins Ferrari’s Fleet: A Look Back At Its Roll-out In 2019

In 2019, Ferrari introduced the world to its latest GT car: the Roma. The new model was a welcome addition to the lineup and brought back a balance between elegance and performance that had been missing in recent years.

With its sleek design, impressive horsepower, and luxurious interior, it quickly became a favorite among car enthusiasts.

One of the unique features of the Roma is its key, which not only starts the engine but also control system and other functions such as adjusting suspension settings and activating parking sensors.

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This new model has received high praise for its handling and driving dynamics on both highways and winding roads.

What Makes Ferrari Roma Great

The Ferrari Roma is a great car because it offers the perfect blend of luxury, performance, and style.

Factors That Contribute To Its Success

The Ferrari Roma has quickly become a favorite of car enthusiasts worldwide due to several factors that have contributed to its success, including:

  1. Exceptional performance: The Roma’s powerful engine and advanced technology ensure it is one of the best-performing cars on the market, with 812 superfast acceleration and impressive top speeds turbocharged.
  2. Striking Design: With its sleek lines and stylish curves, the Roma is one of the most visually impressive cars available today, making it an instant head-turner wherever it goes.
  3. Innovative Technology: The Roma features some of Ferrari’s most cutting-edge technology systems, including adaptive suspension systems, active aerodynamics, and more.
  4. Versatility: Despite being primarily designed as a high-performance sports car, the Roma also offers practicality for everyday use, with comfortable seating (within the rear seats and front seats), ample storage space, and other convenient features.
  5. Attention to Detail: From the stunning interior design to the intricately crafted exterior details, every aspect of the Roma has been carefully considered by Ferrari’s expert designers and engineers to create a truly exceptional vehicle.

Overall, these factors combine to make the Ferrari Roma spider is an outstanding choice for anyone who values performance, style, and innovation in their vehicles.

Overview Of The Model’s History And Evolution

The Ferrari Roma made its debut in 2019 and quickly became a popular choice among car enthusiasts. It is a grand touring sports car that offers exceptional performance and luxury, making it ideal for those who want the best of both worlds.

Over the years, Ferrari has continued to update and improve the Roma’s performance, features, and overall design. As mentioned earlier, one of the latest models introduced a new convertible Spider body style to further enhance its appeal.

The Ferrari Roma pays tribute to classic Italian automotive designs while also introducing new innovations that ensure its place as one of today’s most remarkable cars.

Features That Set It Apart From Other High-end Sports Cars

The Ferrari Roma is a standout car in the high-end sports car market due to its unique features and abilities. Here are some features that set it apart from the competition:

  1. Instantaneous throttle response, providing an exhilarating driving experience.
  2. Exceptional handling and driving dynamics, ensuring an enjoyable ride on any road cars.
  3. stunning and unique interior design that combines luxury with practicality.
  4. The option for a convertible Spider body style, adding to its already thrilling formula.
  5. top speed highly sought after by supercar enthusiasts.
  6. An excellent warranty program, providing peace of mind for owners.
  7. Cool key technology, adding a touch of uniqueness and exclusivity to the ownership experience.
  8. Attention to detail in every aspect of design and engineering, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.
  9. A balance between performance and class, appealing to drivers who want both 13.5 seconds at speeds up to 37 mph and style in their cars.
  10. Ferrari’s renowned reputation for producing high – quality sports cars that hold their value well over time.

Overall, the Ferrari Roma stands out from other high-end sports cars due to its attention to detail, exceptional performance, unique design elements, and overall prestige as a Ferrari model.

The Worst Years Of Ferrari Roma

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The Worst Years Of Ferrari Roma

There is a lack of information on any poor performance or issues with the Ferrari Roma, making it difficult to pinpoint any specific worst years.

Lack Of Information On Poor Performance Or Issues

One interesting aspect of the Ferrari Roma is the lack of information on any significant performance issues or problems. Owners and Ferrari Roma reviews alike have reported a smooth and reliable driving experience, with no noticeable faults to speak of.

Of course, it’s still important to stay up-to-date with routine maintenance and care, but it appears that the Roma is designed to last for years without major issues.

This speaks to Ferrari’s commitment to quality engineering and attention to detail throughout the manufacturing process.

Potential Factors That Could Affect Its Success In The Future

The Ferrari Roma has gained a lot of popularity among car enthusiasts since its launch. However, there are potential factors that could affect its success in the future, including:

  1. Increased competition from other high – end sports cars in the market.
  2. Changes in environmental regulations that could impact the performance and design of supercars.
  3. Fluctuations in the global economy that could affect the demand for luxury cars like the Roma.
  4. Evolution in technology that may change the way people view supercars and their functions.
  5. Rising fuel prices, which could deter buyers who are looking for more fuel-efficient cars.
  6. An increase in awareness about sustainability and eco – friendliness might result in a shift towards electric or hybrid cars.
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These factors could potentially impact the Ferrari on sales and popularity of the Ferrari Roma in the coming years. It is important to note that Ferrari is always evolving and adapting to changing market conditions, so it will be interesting to see how they respond to these potential challenges.

Comparison With Other Ferrari Models To Highlight Issues

It is essential to compare the Ferrari Roma with other models in the Ferrari lineup to identify any potential issues or drawbacks that the Roma may have. To provide a comprehensive comparison, we have compiled a table comparing the Roma with other popular Ferrari models.

ModelEnginePerformanceDesignPrice Range
Ferrari Roma3.9L V8612 hp, 0-60 mph in 3.4 secGrand touring sports car$222,620 – $240,000
Ferrari 488 GTB3.9L V8660 hp, 0-60 mph in 3.0 secMid-engine sports car$245,000 – $260,000
Ferrari F8 Tributo3.9L V8710 hp, 0-60 mph in 2.9 secMid-engine sports car$270,530 – $297,250
Ferrari Portofino3.9L V8592 hp, 0-60 mph in 3.6 secConvertible grand tourer$215,000 – $245,000

As seen in the table above, the Ferrari Roma falls slightly short in terms of prancing horse power and acceleration when compared to other models such as the 488 GTB and F8 Tributo. However, the Roma is designed as a more balanced and daily-usable supercar rather than focusing solely on performance and aggression. In terms of price, the Roma is competitive, providing a more affordable option compared to some other models in Ferrari’s lineup. Despite these differences, the Roma remains an excellent choice for car lovers seeking a stylish and practical sports car with the iconic Ferrari performance.

Is The Ferrari Roma Worth The Investment?

Potential buyers might wonder, is the Ferrari Roma worth the investment? The answer lies in understanding its value for money, performance and longevity factors, and maintenance considerations.

Price And Value For Money

The Ferrari Roma is undoubtedly a pricey investment, but it offers an extraordinary driving experience that may be worth the price for car lovers. With a starting price of around $225,000, the Roma is not only powerful and fast with twin-turbo v8 but also luxurious and stylish.

While some might argue that there are less expensive sports cars or grand touring vehicles available on the market, few can match the Roma’s performance capabilities or unique flair.

Additionally, owning a Ferrari is like being part of an exclusive club with access to exclusive events and opportunities. The resale value of Ferraris tends to remain high over time as well due to their rarity and desirability among collectors coupe.

Factors That Impact Its Performance And Longevity

The Ferrari Roma is a car that combines both luxury and performance. Here are some factors that impact its overall performance and longevity:

  1. Regular Maintenance: Like any high-performance vehicle, the Roma requires regular maintenance to ensure it runs smoothly and remains in top condition. Regular oil changes, tune-ups, and other routine maintenance can extend the lifespan of your vehicle.
  2. Driving Habits: Driving habits also have an impact on the performance and longevity of your vehicle. Aggressive driving or excessive idling can take a toll on engine components and lead to premature wear and tear.
  3. Environmental FactorsExtreme weather conditions, such as high heat or cold temperatures, can affect the performance of your sports car. Taking steps to protect your vehicle from adverse weather conditions can help keep it running optimally.
  4. Road Conditions: The Roma is a grand touring sports car designed for driving on well-maintained roads, so rough roads or potholes can damage the suspension system and other components.
  5. Quality of Fuel: Using high-quality fuel can improve your car’s overall performance by reducing engine knock, increasing fuel efficiency, and decreasing emissions.

By following these tips above, you can help ensure that your Ferrari Roma stays in top condition for years to come and continues to provide you with the ultimate driving experience.

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Maintenance And Care Considerations

Maintaining a Ferrari Roma is crucial to ensure its longevity and maximum performance. Here are some important maintenance and care considerations that every owner should keep in mind:

  1. Regular Servicing: It’s essential to stick to the recommended servicing schedule, which includes oil changes, filter replacements, and brake fluid flushes.
  2. Tire CareProper tire care and maintenance are essential for optimal handling and performance. Regular inspections, rotations, and replacements when necessary are critical.
  3. Exterior Cleaning: The Ferrari Roma’s sleek exterior needs regular washing and detailing to maintain its shine and protect the paint from environmental factors.
  4. Interior Cleaning: The interior of the car should be kept clean with regular vacuuming, wiping downforce surfaces, and using leather conditioner on the front passenger seats and back seats.
  5. Storage: When not in use, it’s crucial to store the Ferrari Roma properly in a dry, temperature-controlled environment to prevent damage from moisture or extreme temperatures.
  6. Driving Habits: To get the most out of the Roma’s engine while ensuring longevity, owners should avoid excessive idling or harsh acceleration/deceleration.
  7. Warranty Program: Ferrari offers a comprehensive warranty program that covers service costs for three years from the purchase date.

By following these maintenance tips and caring for your Ferrari Roma carefully, you can ensure that it runs at optimal performance levels for years to come while also protecting its value over time.

Final Thoughts On Whether It’s A Smart Investment

Overall, the Ferrari Roma is a fantastic investment for car enthusiasts who want the perfect blend of style, performance, and practicality. Its sleek design and impressive horsepower make it stand out from other high-end sports cars on the market.

When considering whether to invest in a Ferrari Roma, it’s essential to take maintenance into account. The cost of maintaining such a sophisticated vehicle can be expensive; however, their resale value tends to hold up well over time.

Ultimately, purchasing a Ferrari Roma should be viewed as both a financial investment and something you’ll truly enjoy driving every day. It’s important to weigh all factors before making your final decision but keeping in mind that this GTs from the 1960s car has proven itself worth every penny spent on it makes any Car Lover filled with confidence when choosing one!


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In conclusion, the Ferrari Roma has certainly made a name for itself in the high-end car market as a Grand Touring sports car that strikes a balance between performance and luxury.

While its latest models have brought what’s new design features and impressive specs, it’s worth taking note of some potential issues before making an investment.

All in all, any year of the Roma is sure to impress car enthusiasts with its unique styleincredible speed sensor, and driving dynamics.


1. What are the best years for Ferrari Roma?

The 2020 model year is considered one of the best years for Ferrari Roma due to its sleek design, exceptional performance and advanced technology features.

2. What are the worst years for Ferrari Roma?

Since it was only introduced in late 2019, there have not been any major issues reported with this particular model, thus making it difficult to identify any worst years.

3. How does the Ferrari Roma compare to other Ferraris?

The Ferrari Roma stands out from other models due to its grand tourer styling and comfort features such as spacious interior and trunk space. Performance-wise, it falls between a sports car like the F8 Tributo and a supercar like the SF90 Stradale.

4. Is purchasing a used Ferrari Roma recommended?

As with any used vehicle purchase, it is important to thoroughly inspect the car’s history and condition before committing to buying a pre-owned Ferrari Roma. It is also recommended that buyers seek assistance from authorized dealerships or trusted mechanics familiar with exotic cars when considering a used one as they can be complex machines requiring special knowledge of their unique systems and components.

What is the Ferrari Roma?The Ferrari Roma is a 2+2 grand touring coupe that was introduced in 2019 as a new model by Ferrari to replace the Ferrari Portofino.
What is the best year for the Ferrari Roma?The Ferrari Roma is a new model that was introduced in 2019, so all models would be considered the “best” at this point.
What is the worst year for the Ferrari Roma?As the Ferrari Roma is a new model, there is no “worst” year for it.
Does the Ferrari Roma have a spider version?As of now, Ferrari has not released a spider version of the Ferrari Roma.
How does the Ferrari Roma compare to other Ferrari models?The Ferrari Roma is a unique model that sits between the Portofino and the Roma. It has a more understated design than many other Ferrari models, and its interior has become a benchmark for other Ferrari road cars.
What is the top gear of the Ferrari Roma?The Ferrari Roma is powered by a twin-turbocharged 3.9-liter V-8 that produces 612 horsepower and 561 pound-feet of torque. It has a top speed of 199 mph and can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3.4 seconds.
What kind of transmission does the Ferrari Roma have?The Ferrari Roma has an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission that can shift gears in as little as 200 milliseconds. It also has controls on the steering wheel for easy shifting.
How is the Ferrari Roma’s driving experience?The Ferrari Roma provides a smooth and exhilarating driving experience. Its eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission provides seamless shifts, and its active rear spoiler and vortex generators help it stay planted on the road.
What are some notable features of the Ferrari Roma?Some notable features of the Ferrari Roma include its 8.4-inch touchscreen display, haptic controls on the steering wheel, and integrated rear spoiler. It also has a soft top that can be opened or closed in just 14 seconds.
What is the price of the Ferrari Roma?The price of the Ferrari Roma starts at around $225,000.
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