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How Much Can A Toyota Sequoia Tow? [Answered]

In 2023, Toyota will release a completely redesigned Sequoia.

The motor and chassis of Toyota’s largest SUV have both undergone extensive redesigns.

But, how much can a Toyota Sequoia tow?

How Much Can A Toyota Sequoia Tow?
How Much Can A Toyota Sequoia Tow?

The new Sequoia has an increased towing capacity of 2,000 additional pounds in comparison to the 2022 Sequoia.

In addition, each and every Sequoia is powered by Toyota’s high-end pickup truck engine.

The resultant base model of this sport utility vehicle (SUV) is capable of pulling more weight than any base model of a half-ton pickup truck.

How Much Weight Can A 2023 Toyota Sequoia Haul Behind It?

The highest weight that can be hauled behind the brand-new 2023 Toyota Sequoia is 9,520 pounds.

This is for a model with two wheel drive.

A Toyota Sequoia with four-wheel drive can pull around 9,100 pounds.

When compared to the 2022 Sequoia’s maximum towing capability of 7,400 pounds, this figure represents an increase of one ton.

It should come as no surprise that the Toyota Sequoia that has the highest towing capability is also fitted with all of the necessary heavy-duty towing kits.

Additionally, it needs to be a sports utility vehicle (SUV) that has as few weight-adding elements as is humanly practical.

Having said that, unlike the tow rating of other vehicle models might vary greatly depending on the trim level or the configuration, the tow rating of every Toyota Sequoia should be around the same.

Why will all 2023 Toyota Sequoias have the same maximum amount of weight that they are able to tow?

Because Toyota’s premium hybrid V6, the i-FORCE MAX, will be standard equipment on all new Sequoias, the drivetrain will be identical across the board.

Towing Potential of the Sequoia

The Sequoia’s maximum towing capacity is 7,400 pounds when properly equipped and reaching for certain trim levels of the vehicle.

Around Lancaster, you’ll have no trouble towing anything from boats to trailers thanks to your impressive strength.

Keep in mind that the Sequoia portfolio features certain models with slightly different towing capacities than others.

Tow ratings of 7,400 pounds for the Sequoia SR5, TRD Sport, and Limited models with rear-wheel drive; 7,200 pounds for the Sequoia Platinum with RWD; 7,100 pounds for the Sequoia SR5, TRD Sport, Limited, and TRD Pro models with four-wheel drive; and 7,000 pounds for the Sequoia Platinum with four-wheel drive.

When it comes to the towing capabilities of the Toyota Sequoia, each and every model comes standard with a hitch receiver and a wiring harness that has a 4/7-pin connector.

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When you’re hauling something large or bulky behind your new Sequoia, the TOW/HAUL mode can help you get the most out of your power by adjusting certain shift points on the transmission.

You can expect the Toyota Sequoia to have a payload capacity that goes from 1,300 pounds to 1,370 pounds, in addition to its towing capabilities.

How Potent Is The i-FORCE MAX That Comes Standard On The 2023 Toyota Sequoia?

 i-FORCE MAX hybrid
i-FORCE MAX hybrid

The all-new i-FORCE MAX hybrid will become Toyota’s premium powertrain in 2023.

It will be offered in the highest trim level of the Tundra trucks and in every Sequoia.

The i-FORCE MAX has a power output of 437 horsepower and a torque output of 583 lb-ft.

All of this while increasing the V8’s already impressive economy when it comes to fuel consumption.

For the most recent facelift of the Sequoia, Toyota decided to replace the existing 5.7-liter V8 with a hybrid drivetrain that had previously been developed for the most recent Land Cruiser and Tundra.

The i-FORCE MAX is equipped with a 3.44-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine and a ten-speed automated transmission.

There is also a potent electric motor/generator located in the middle of these two components.

Regenerative braking can be performed on the Sequoia using the motor/generator that is contained within the i-FORCE MAX.

In the tow/haul mode, it can also improve the vehicle’s acceleration, make shifting more seamless, and provide additional grunt.

How well is the 2023 Toyota Sequoia capable of pulling trailers?

Towing capabilities
Towing capabilities

The first reviews of the 2023 Toyota Sequoia have been published, and they have been extremely positive.

Not only does it have a high tow rating, but it also has no problem maneuvering around such large items.

In addition, the latest SUV is loaded with driver assistance technologies that makes towing a trailer a breeze.

The new Sequoia hybrid, equipped with an i-FORCE MAX, was evaluated by Andre Smirnov of The Fast Lane Truck, who stated that “this hybrid is just incredibly powerful.”

He continued by saying that “the shifts are nearly undetectable” because of the electric motor/generator combination.

After that, he put a 5,000-pound trailer and a trailer weighing more than 7,000 pounds through their paces.

Smirnov came to the conclusion that “This SUV is definitely built up for towing.”

The independent rear suspension seen on the 2022 Sequoia will be replaced with a solid rear axle that rides on coils in the 2023 model, which is one of the most significant changes.

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Smirnov was of the opinion that the new configuration offers “a little greater stability under heavy loads” than the previous configuration.

Last but not least, if you order a 2023 Sequoia with the “Tow Tech Package,” Toyota will install a collection of driver assistance software that is specifically built for towing.

This features a Trailer Backup Guide, which provides the driver with the view necessary to back up the trailer, as well as a Straight Path Assist, which can offer the steering input necessary to back up your trailer for you.

Specifications for the Engine and Trailer-Hitch of the 2023 Toyota Sequoia

The power and outstanding carrying capabilities of the 2023 Toyota Sequoia are well-known attributes of this vehicle.

Upon its release in 2022, the Toyota Sequoia will have the same powertrain as the all-new Toyota Tundra.

This powertrain will be a 3.5-liter i-FORCE MAX Twin-Turbo V-6 Hybrid engine with a 10-speed automatic transmission.

A new entry-level Toyota Sequoia that is geared for towing will have a remarkable cargo capacity of 9,000 pounds, which is an increase of 22 percent over the cargo capacity of the 2022 Toyota Sequoia.

A Walkthrough of the Towing Features and Technology Found in the Toyota Sequoia

When you go on your next camping trip in your 2023 Toyota Sequoia, you will find that towing is both straightforward and risk-free because of the extensive array of towing features and technology that are included in this vehicle.

A Tow Tech Package, which is included on the Sequoia TRD Pro and Sequoia Capstone, is included with all Toyota Sequoia trim levels as a standard offering.

The Toyota Sequoia can be equipped with a Trailer Backup Guide and Straight Path Assist in addition to other towing-assist technologies if it is equipped with the Tow Tech Package.

FAQ on How Much Can A Toyota Sequoia Tow

What size trailer can a Toyota Sequoia pull?

How much can a 2023 Toyota Sequoia tow?

Now is the time to put the brand-new 2023 Toyota Sequoia through its paces in the real world.
The newest and largest truck-based SUV from Toyota features a hybrid powertrain in addition to an updated chassis and suspension.
Towing capacity for 2WD Sequoia vehicles has been increased to 9,520 pounds, an increase of approximately 2,000 pounds over the previous generation.

Can a Sequoia pull a camper?

If you are searching for a sport utility vehicle (SUV) that is capable of towing a travel trailer while you are on the road with your family, then the Toyota Sequoia might be the ideal choice for you.

Can a Toyota Sequoia pull a trailer?

Far beyond what is required.
The highest amount of weight that can be towed by a Toyota Sequoia is 7,400 pounds.
This means that it is suitable for hauling recreational vehicles, trailers, and even camping gear.

What SUV can tow 10000 pounds?

This year, driving is expected to become the most popular mode of transportation; thus, there is an increased demand for SUVs that can accommodate an entire family and tow a trailer full of recreational equipment.
Pickup trucks have the ability to carry the most weight, and many full-size models have maximum tow ratings that are higher than 10,000 pounds.
Anyone who has substantial towing needs is aware of this fact.
But pickups don’t have a lot of space for passengers, so an SUV is your best bet if you need to tow a huge trailer and transport a large number of people at the same time.

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