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Does GT86 Have Heated Seats? [Answered]

Does GT86 Have Heated Seats? The Toyota 86 and the Subaru BRZ are two-plus-two sports vehicles that were co-created by Toyota and Subaru and assembled in the Gunma facility that Subaru operates in Japan.

The 2+2 fastback coupé is distinguished by its naturally aspirated boxer engine, front-engined, rear-wheel-drive configuration, 53/47 front/rear weight balance, and low center of gravity.

It also takes design cues from Toyota’s earlier AE86, a small, light, front-engine/rear-drive Corolla variant widely popular for Showroom Stock, Group A, Group N, Rally, Club, and drift racing.

Does GT86 Have Heated Seats
Does GT86 Have Heated Seats

For the first generation of the sports car, Toyota marketed it as the 86 in Asia, Australia, North America (from August 2016), South Africa, and South America; as the Toyota GT86 in Europe; as both the 86 and the GT86 in New Zealand; as the Toyota FT86 in Brunei, Nicaragua, and Jamaica; and as the Scion FR-S (2012-2016) in the United States and Canada.

In addition, Toyota marketed the sports car in the United States and Canada as the Scion FR.

As a member of the Gazoo Racing family, the model’s second generation is referred to by Toyota as the GR86 for marketing purposes.


If we were to present an award for the Most Improved Sports Car, the Toyota GT86 would likely emerge as the clear victor in this category.

The first iteration of this highly fun rear-wheel drive coupe was released in 2022, and the main complaint we had with it was that the engine was underpowered.

The second generation was released in 2022 and solved this issue.

The power comes from a 228-horsepower flat-four engine with plenty of mid-range power, and although a six-speed manual transmission is standard (and is the only way to go), a six-speed automatic transmission is optional.

This time around, the power comes from a flat-four engine. You won’t hear us encouraging you to choose that option at any point.

Mazda MX-5
Mazda MX-5

The Toyota GT86 is a compact and reasonably priced vehicle comparable to a Mazda MX-5 Miata.

However, it has a rear seat reminiscent of that seen in the Porsche 911, making it possible to transport young children.

In addition, its hatchback body design provides a respectable amount of baggage room, something that the Miata does not offer.

Because the experience provided by the GR86 and the Subaru BRZ, which is the GR86’s mechanical twin, is almost the same, choose the two according to which nameplate you like better.

The GR86 is a two-plus-two coupe that was primarily created for playing.

As a result, it is plagued by road noise, especially while driving on the highway, and the music produced by the boxer engine is not exactly worth paying to hear live.

Nevertheless, the GR86 is a pleasant vehicle to drive regardless of the destination since it has a great cornering grip, excellent balance, precise steering, and a rev-happy engine.

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It fulfills every expectation one should have of an elemental sports car.

The premium trim level of the 2023 Toyota GR86 is definitely worth the modest cost premium compared to the base model.

The Premium trim comes standard with upgraded features such as heated seats, beautiful 18-inch wheels equipped with summer performance tires, adaptive LED headlights, and an improved eight-speaker audio system.

Of course, the manual transmission with six speeds is also the logical pick in this scenario.

The Performance, the Engine, and the Transmission

A horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine with naturally aspirated combustion is provided by Subaru for the 2023 GT86, just like it was for the first-generation vehicle.

The previous generation’s acceleration was respectable, taking 6.2 seconds to reach 60 miles per hour.

However, the most recent GR86 we tested managed a 5.4-second acceleration to 60 miles per hour and completed a quarter-mile in 14.0 seconds.

This progress was made possible by upgrading to a more potent 2.4-liter engine that produces 228 horsepower.

The GR86 comes equipped with a manual transmission with six gears, and drivers can upgrade to an automatic transmission with six gears.

By seven-tenths of a second, the six-speed automatic took longer to reach 60 miles per hour than the manual transmission.

During our initial test drive, we noticed that the more powerful engine had a livelier feel and sounded better, while the razor-sharp handling of the car gave thrills both on the road and on the race track at the Monticello Motor Club.

Despite the car’s excellent handling, the suspension is compliant enough to make it suitable for use as a daily driver.

Economy on fuel and actual miles per gallon

When equipped with the six-speed automatic transmission, the EPA predicts that the Toyota GR86 can achieve a combined fuel economy of 21 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway.

However, the EPA estimates that the fuel economy of a GR86 equipped with a six-speed manual transmission will be slightly lower.

Cargo Space, Interior Design, and Amenities

The dimensions and contours of the previous model have been carried over into the 2023 GR86. Because they are the only cheap sports cars on the market with room for four passengers, the Toyota GR86 and the Subaru BRZ stand out from the competition.

It’s not like the back seats are exceptionally roomy or pleasant, but having them is still a welcome amenity.

It would appear that the interiors of the Toyota and Subaru versions are identical, except for a few minor differences on the dashboard in the area surrounding the information panel.

Connectivity and informational entertainment

GT86 2023
GT86 2023

In 2023, a larger 8.0-inch infotainment touchscreen will be standard, up from the previous generation’s smaller 7.0-inch display.

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Additionally, the GT86 will come with a 7.0-inch digital gauge display that can be reprogrammed to Normal, Sport, or Track settings.

Standard features include the ability to use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and all versions come equipped with SiriusXM satellite radio and a free trial subscription for the first three months.

A stereo with six speakers is included in the standard model, while an eight-speaker configuration is included in the Premium model that is available as an upgrade.

Taking a Look Inside the 2020 Toyota 86

2020 Toyota 86
2020 Toyota 86

Although a significant amount of rigid plastic is used for the inside surfaces of the 2020 Toyota 86, the quality of the cabin materials is satisfactory, considering the vehicle’s pricing point.

However, the seating is extremely cramped, the trunk has less than average capacity, and the information and entertainment functions are poor.


The Toyota 86 has a total of four seats available. Standard equipment includes front sports seats and a steering wheel upholstered in leather.

In addition, the front seats can be heated as an optional feature, and the inside can be upholstered in a combination of leather and suede.

However, the front seats have few adjustment options, creating an exciting driving position.

Reviewers are mixed when it comes to how comfortable these seats are for extended periods of driving.

The space in the back seats is minimal.

Two complete sets of LATCH connectors are available for the back seats, which can be used to install child safety seats; however, the lower anchors are challenging to get to and use.

Components Found Within

The 86 comes standard with an auto-dimming rearview mirror, a rearview camera, and a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, an eight-speaker stereo, a USB port, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Other standard features include an eight-speaker stereo, a USB port, and Bluetooth.

In addition, a proximity keyless entry system, automatic climate control with two zones, and a digital driver information display measuring 4.2 inches are available as optional equipment.

The touchscreen interface is straightforward and uncomplicated to use in general.

Nevertheless, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay bring a much-appreciated fresh approach to how some operations can be carried out.


The trunk space offered by the Toyota 86 comes in at 6.9 cubic feet, which is less than the class average for sports cars.

In addition, the back seats can be folded down to the floor to provide more room.

FAQ on Does GT86 Have Heated Seats

Does the GR86 have seats that are heated?

Inside, the GR86 comes equipped with standard all-black leather touchpoints that offer elements of comfort and show off the refined side of the vehicle. These touchpoints include a leather-trimmed steering wheel, a leather-wrapped parking brake handle, heated leather-trimmed seats, and more. The GR86 Premium cabin is seen here with Ultrasuede®* and Black leather accents.

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Is it standard for the BRZ to have heated seats?

2023 Subaru BRZ Limited (beginning at $31,095)

When you upgrade to the Limited trim, you get 18-inch alloy wheels, Michelin Pilot Sport 4 summer performance tires, steering-responsive headlamps, heated front seats, and Ultrasuede upholstery with leather bolsters. Also included in this trim is a steering-responsive headlight system.

Does the FRS come with seats that are heated?

They indicated that they were only advised by Scion after the fact that a heated seat should not be installed in the passenger side of my car, which was the first Fr-S to have heated seats. My automobile was also the first Fr-S to have heated seats. They did not remove either control, and it can now be found in the center console in between the cup holders and the shifter. It does have a good appearance.

Are Toyota 86 seats comfortable?

The GR86 features seating for four people. It’s simple to find a driving posture that’s comfortable despite the front seats’ lack of lateral support and cramped quarters. However, the back seats are quite claustrophobic, and even children of a young age are likely to find them to be excessively restricting.

Which one is superior, the GR86 or the BRZ?

The Toyota GR86 edged out the Subaru BRZ at the test track, despite the fact that both vehicles had the same amount of power, weight, and tire options. The GR86 posted a stronger grip on the skidpad (0.98 g compared to 0.93) and reached 60 miles per hour 0.1 second quicker, in 5.8 seconds. The GR86 finished our figure-eight course a full second faster than any other vehicle.

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