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How To Change Battery In Toyota Corolla Key Fob? [Quick Guide]

How To Change Battery In Toyota Corolla Key Fob? Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and you find yourself without a working Toyota key fob or one altogether. 

Happily, we can assist you in replacing the battery in your Toyota key fob. 

How To Change Battery In Toyota Corolla Key Fob
How To Change Battery In Toyota Corolla Key Fob

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VIDEO: How To Change Battery In Toyota Corolla Key Fob

Here is a tutorial on How To Change Battery In Toyota Corolla Key Fob:

Replacing A Toyota Corolla Car Key Battery

Toyota Corolla Car Key Battery
Toyota Corolla Car Key Battery

Battery problems in car keys are annoying, but I’m here to help you. If the keyless entry remote for your Toyota Corolla needs a new battery, you can do it in a jiffy.

You’ll also need a 2016 3V button cell battery and a small flathead screwdriver (or a penny if you don’t have a screwdriver) before you can get started.

This is how you swap out the batteries in the key fob for your Toyota Corolla:

  • You first need to look for a tiny notch or groove on the side of your key chain. A coin or small screwdriver can be used to pry open the key, which must be done carefully.
  • Second, once you have opened your key fob, you’ll see a tiny plastic casing inside the case.
  • In the third step, you’ll need to pry the battery out of its compartment by finding the little opening under the battery.
  • Fourth, insert the new battery into the key with the plus (+) side up.
  • Fifth, reassemble the key fob by clicking the plastic parts back.
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How to Change the Battery in Your Toyota Corolla Keys

CR2016 lithium battery
CR2016 lithium battery

When your Toyota Corolla’s smart key or remote control key stops working or loses its range of operation, it’s time to get a new battery. What you need to change the battery in the keyless entry remote for a Toyota Corolla

  • A flat head for screwing
  • A CR2016 lithium battery is required for the Corolla models that do not have the smart key.
  • A CR2032 lithium battery powers the smart key system in Corolla models having that feature.

You can find the flat, circular “button cell” batteries at any major grocery store, hardware shop, or even on the internet. Avoid contacting the key’s internal electrical components with a metal object if you don’t want to risk destroying the key fob.

Battery Swap for a Toyota Corolla Key

Toyota Corolla Key
Toyota Corolla Key
  • Turn the key fob so that the button surface is facing down to prevent the buttons from coming loose. The remote key fob’s cover can be removed with the bigger flathead screwdriver. Wrapping the screwdriver in a cloth will prevent it from scratching the key.
  • The battery pack is visible inside. Take out the chip within the key.
  • The module’s battery can be accessed by prying it in a casing with a coin. Remove the battery from the module using the little flathead screwdriver. Place a fresh CR2016 battery into the module with the plus (+) terminal pointing up.
  • Please reassemble the module and click the cover back into place. Simply re-insert the module into the key housing and re-click the top on.

Replacing the Smart Key Battery in a Toyota Corolla

Smart Key Battery in a Toyota Corolla
Smart Key Battery in a Toyota Corolla
  • To remove the mechanical key from the innovative key housing, you must flip the latch and pull it out.
  • Take the smart key housing cover off with the more considerable flathead screwdriver. Wrapping the screwdriver’s tip in a cloth can help prevent accidental cuts. Damage can also be prevented with the use of tape.
  • Remove the dead battery by prying it out with the little flathead screwdriver. Put a fresh CR2032 battery with the plus (+) terminal pointing up. Damage to the keychain could result from improperly installed batteries.
  • Replace the mechanical key and firmly click the smart key cover.
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  • Toyota Land Cruiser
  • Toyota Crown
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FAQ on How To Change Battery In Toyota Corolla Key Fob

Need to replace the battery in my Toyota Corolla’s keyless entry remote.

Power source: a CR2032 cell

A CR2032 battery, commonly used in Toyota vehicles and easily accessible through retail outlets and cyberspace. It’s not hard to find batteries like this for less than $5. Replace the dead battery in your Toyota key fob and return it to its box.

When it comes to key fobs, how long do the batteries usually last?

around three to four years

In what ways do key fobs degrade over time? The battery in your car’s keyless entry fob or remote will eventually need to be replaced, just like any other battery will. The battery life of an automobile key fob should average around four years. In addition, there are a few indicators that the fob’s battery is about to die.

Should the Toyota key fob’s memory be reprogrammed if the battery is replaced?

Battery replacement, or any other disruption to the connection, will need reprogramming the key fob to recognize your vehicle.

Specifically, what kind of battery does the key to a 2017 Toyota Corolla need?

For a Toyota Corolla (2014-2021) Smart Key Fob that has either run out of juice or had its battery removed, here is a new set. The genuine CR2032 3V battery is included.

Which battery type may I use in place of a CR2016?

The CR2016 can be substituted with the CR2025, the CR2032, or the CR2430. These batteries are all 3-volt cells with capacities and runtimes comparable to the CR2016.

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