COROLLA Trunk Without Key

How To Open Corolla Trunk Without Key? [Step-by-Step Guide]

How To Open Corolla Trunk Without Key? Some people routinely struggle with the issue of forgetting their keys inside their vehicles. 

You, too, have experienced something similar at some point in your life.

However, the remedy to this problem is not to become anxious about it. 

How To Open Corolla Trunk Without Key
How To Open Corolla Trunk Without Key

If you ever find yourself in a similar scenario, you can come here for assistance and advice on how to address the problem.

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How to Open the Trunk of a Toyota Corolla Without the Keys

First, the first and most essential move that must be made is to focus on prevention. 

Before you lock the automobile’s doors, you should always double-check that the keys are in the ignition. 

Prevention is always preferable to treatment. 

However, if you have not checked your keys and realize that the keys are in the car, you should try to remain calm and follow the instructions outlined below to retrieve your keys.

Method 1 

Manual Guide
Manual Guide

If you cannot access the vehicle’s trunk because the doors are locked? 

If you do not wish to unlock the car, you should look for the manual guide.

You can rely on these approaches, but if you are still unsure of your ability to unlock the door on your own, you should consider asking for assistance. 

Dial the number for the locksmith; he will come to your aid and open the car for you in a highly competent manner.

You might also enlist the assistance of a friend familiar with opening the doors of cars without using the keys. 

If, on the other hand, you are sure that you can access it on your own, you should hunt for the alternative method on the page.

Method 2

slide the seats in front
slide the seats in front

 You may also open the trunk of your Toyota Corolla by pulling out the bolts in the back seats of the vehicle. 

You’ll need to slide the seats in front of you forward to make enough room to work in the back of the automobile.

Now, remove the underside of the car’s rear seats to expose the bolts on the underside of the seats. 

You can remove the bottom of the chairs and the rear of the seats by utilizing the wrench. 

After you have finished removing the back of the seats as well as the bottom of the seats, you will easily be able to get into the trunk. 

Once you have crept into the trunk, the next step is to identify a piece of a metal bar that is positioned horizontally near the lock on the trunk.

The bar may be opened with your flathead screwdriver, allowing you to access the box resting on the bar. 

To open it, you must now turn it in the opposite direction, counterclockwise.

Congratulations! You have accomplished the task of opening your trunk without the assistance of a trained expert. 

Put each of the seats, as well as the insulation, in the correct location.

Method 3

After that, you can access the trunk by removing the cylinder lock on the door. 

To complete the stage, you will need to exercise extreme caution and pay close attention to the process of setting the lock. 

Remove the plug from the driver’s door, which is located facing the B-column and is level with the door handle. 

You can find the plug directly above the door handle.

Once the plastic plug has been removed, you will discover a hole. 

If you look into the hole, you will notice that there is a screw already installed in the hole. 

Now, grab a screwdriver, and unscrew the screw from the door. 

Avoid scratching the paint on your car, and you should exercise extreme caution; alternatively, you can preserve the paint by covering it with tape. 

After you have finished doing this, gently pull back on the handle to move closer to the key cylinder.

Be patient and make an effort to remove the cylinder carefully. 

Do not be in a hurry, as it will require effort because the cylinders are tightly fitted in the pocket. 

After you have taken the cylinder from the pocket, you will notice a depression in the shape of a plus sign in both the pocket and the cylinder.

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To open the trunk, you must first insert a screwdriver with a flat tip into the plus-shaped depression of the pocket, and then turn the screwdriver until the trunk opens.

 After you have opened the trunk and collected your keys, you should now put everything back where it was before you opened the trunk.

If you are in a hurry and do not want to waste time experimenting with several other approaches, this method will work best for you.

Method 4

If your Toyota model has a trunk release lever located near the driver’s seat, you might be able to use this method. 

This advice will come in handy for you if you happen to be on a trip and find that you have misplaced your key when trying to open the trunk.

The rubber stopper is now covering a hole that can be found in the floor panel of the Toyota Corolla. 

The hole is there. 

When you locate a hole in the car’s floor panel, remove the rubber plug that is covering it. 

Find an instrument that will assist you in hitting the hole so that it will press up on the trunk release lever that is placed near the seat of the vehicle. 

This is all you require; all you have to do is look for this instrument.

Should you be successful in hitting it, the trunk of your vehicle will open without the need for you to use the keys. 

Once the trunk has been opened, the rubber plug can be reinserted into the corresponding hole.

This particular hole may be found in the floor panel of the majority of Toyota Corolla models. 

However, you will need to search for it before you can pull the lever that is accessible through the hole in the floor panel.

Approach 5 Even though this method isn’t very helpful, it’s still something you may try out if you’re in a situation where you can’t receive any other kind of support. 

The only thing you can do is get a screwdriver with a flat point and use that. 

Put the screwdriver into the trunk lock, and then turn it to either the left or the right until the lock opens.

Be careful when using the screwdriver, and take your time. 

This method is not very beneficial because it has the potential to either cause damage to your trunk or breaks the lock on it.

How to Access the Trunk of a Toyota Camry Without Using the Key

Because the Camry trunk lock is subjected to thousands of lock and unlock cycles and must withstand less-than-gentle closing, it is not surprising that it will eventually fail to function correctly. 

A smart key is required to open older models of the Camry, but newer generations use a remote system, which makes the process much more straightforward. 

Let’s look into all of the different ways that we can get into the trunk release button of the Toyota Camry without using the key.

Fold down the seat in the back.

Fold down the seat in the back
Fold down the seat in the back

This procedure is only applicable if the rear seat of your Camry is foldable. 

At each of the four corners of the backrest, there is a hook that can be used. 

It is necessary to pull them and disengage the seat lock; however, doing so can be challenging because leaning on the backrest will cause the lock to activate. 

It is recommended that you ask someone for assistance, but if that is not possible, you can either open one side of the vehicle, then walk outside and access the second lock from the opposite side of the vehicle.

You may now fold the backrest down on the seating area, and if you fold it down even farther, the rear bench will angle upwards against the front seats. 

You can now crawl inside the trunk, where there is a yellow handle, and pull it to open the trunk door from the inside. 

Due to the time required to complete this approach, it is recommended that you either take the lock mechanism or the car to a locksmith or a mechanic to have it repaired.

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Make use of the Trunk Latch.

You might not be aware of this, but certain models of the Toyota Camry come equipped with a trunk latch that is situated close to the driver’s seat. 

Depending on the generation, this latch is either on the floor next to the gas tank latch or on the bottom left side of the dashboard. 

It enables you to open the trunk of your Camry from the inside of the vehicle in a quick and easy way.

Concealment of the Undercarriage

Everyone has experienced the frustration of locking their keys inside their vehicle at some point, and if your vehicle is equipped with an automatic locking mechanism, the keys will remain locked inside until you either locate a spare set of keys or contact a locksmith. 

If you’ve misplaced your keys and need to open the trunk of your Toyota Camry from the outside, there is a method that is both quick and simple to use.

For this procedure, you will need a long screwdriver; however, since your basic tools may be locked inside the trunk, you will either need to borrow a long screwdriver from another motorist for a short period or attempt to use a piece of straight wood or a branch instead.

To remove the rubber plug, you will need to get below the driver’s door and look for it. It should be around the size of a large bottle cap. 

Right next to the driver’s seat and directly beneath the trunk latch is where you’ll find it. 

You will need to remove the plug before you can push upwards into the hole using the instrument at your disposal. 

It will lift the carpeting and push on the trunk lock, allowing the trunk to open and provide access to your keys. It will also cause the trunk to be forced open. 

When you are finished, don’t forget to put the plug back in the outlet!

Take out the Key and the Door Cylinder Lock.

Be sure to follow the advice and watch the instructional video before attempting to do it yourself because this procedure is complicated. 

If you can access the doors of your Corolla, but the car’s security system stops you from opening the trunk while your keys are inside, this solution will work.

  • Find the plastic plug that’s attached to the driver’s door. When the door is closed, it aligns perfectly with the door handle and turns such that it faces the B column. Remove it and put it somewhere out of harm’s way.
  • If you look through the hole, you’ll see a screw with a Torx head inside. Find the right size Torx screwdriver for the screw, and turn it counterclockwise to loosen it. Even though safeguards prevent the screw from entering the door, you should still handle it carefully just in case it does.
  • Pull the door handle in your direction to gain access to the key cylinder. It is necessary to slide the key cylinder out of the socket; however, due to the snug fit, this may prove to be challenging. Take care not to rip off the handle or scuff the paint while you’re doing this. As a makeshift shield from the elements, a piece of masking tape will serve its purpose admirably.
  • The cylinder head will be removed and repositioned to point toward the vehicle’s back. Keep this in mind, since after you’ve opened the Toyota corolla trunk, there’s only one way you’ll be able to get it back in there: using this method.
  • Take a gander at the extremity of the key cylinder. You’ll notice the plus sign-shaped device that locks the door. Look inside the slot the cylinder occupies; there should be a plus sign-shaped depression at the end of the slot where it should go.
  • Take a screwdriver with a flat head and slowly and gently feed it into the cylinder slot. Turning it once it is seated inside the plus-shaped indentation will lock the automobile, and turning it again will unlock it.
  • Simply pressing the button that releases the locked trunk will cause it to open immediately!
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The cylinder lock is significantly more challenging to replace in its original location than it was to remove in the first place. 

Let’s go through the motions and restore the car door to a state where it can function properly.

  • Raise the door handle and reinsert the cylinder while maintaining the same angle at which it was removed. Because of the amount of twisting, pivoting, and turning that will be required, you should go slow, exhibit patience, and avoid forcing anything.
  • After the cylinder has been rotated to the correct orientation and the door handle has been positioned so that it may slide across it, insert the key, turn it, and gently apply pressure; the cylinder should fall into its proper position.
  • While the key is still within the lock cylinder, turn the Torx screw clockwise to tighten it. If the screw isn’t gripping, you can use the key to wriggle it into position, which will cause everything else to fall into place where it belongs.
  • You have completed the procedure once you have reinserted the plastic plug.

Toyota Models

  • Toyota Highlander
  • Toyota Camry
  • Toyota Tacoma
  • Toyota Land Cruiser

FAQ on HowTo Open Corolla Trunk Without Key

What should I do if I find that I have locked my keys inside the trunk?

If you have locked your keys inside the car, the Pop-a-Lock staff will be able to effortlessly unlock the lock for you, regardless of whether you locked them in the trunk or the cabin. Being in a position in which you need your car keys but they are not available might be a stressful experience.

How exactly does one use a screwdriver to get into a trunk?

To use a screwdriver to open the trunk, you must first wedge it into the lock and then slide it to the left and right until the trunk opens. Having said that, this is not something that is encouraged. If you open the trunk of your car with a screwdriver, you run the risk of scratching the paint; paint repair can be expensive, costing hundreds of dollars. In addition, there is a possibility that you will damage the lock.

What are the steps to manually open the trunk of a Toyota Corolla?

The trunk release lever is located on the left side of the driver’s seat of your Toyota Corolla. This is the most effective technique to open the trunk of your vehicle. In the event that you have also locked yourself out of the cabin, you will need to either call a locksmith or make use of a slim jim in order to gain entrance to your vehicle.

Is there a button that I may press to open the trunk?

To open the trunk, you will need to raise the lever that is placed to the left of the driver’s seat.

If you have lost the key to your 2018 Toyota Camry, what other options do you have to access the trunk?

Take a screwdriver with a flat head and slowly and gently feed it into the cylinder slot. Turning it once it is seated inside the plus-shaped indentation will lock the automobile, and turning it again will unlock it. Simply pressing the button that releases the trunk will cause it to open immediately!

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