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How To Change Battery In Toyota 4Runner Key Fob? [Quick Guide]

How To Change Battery In Toyota 4Runner Key Fob? Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and you find yourself without a working Toyota key fob or one altogether. Changing the batteries in a Toyota key fob is a breeze, and we’re here to assist you with it.

How To Change Battery In Toyota 4Runner Key Fob
How To Change Battery In Toyota 4Runner Key Fob

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2016 Toyota 4Runner Key Fob Replacement Guide

Your car key fob is almost out of juice; batteries only last about three to four years. Fortunately, the procedure for swapping out the battery is straightforward. Here’s how to swap out the battery in the keyless entry remote for a 2016 Toyota 4Runner:

  • Manual keys can be removed from their housings by putting a flathead screwdriver into the notch at the base.
  • Use the screwdriver to pry off the key fob’s back cover.
  • Carefully detach the module from the keychain.
  • You’ll need to remove the plastic cover from the control unit to get to the battery.
  • Take out the dead battery and put in a fresh one. Check the owner’s handbook or the label on the back of the battery to determine the correct battery type.
  • Reassemble the keychain by pressing its parts back together in the reverse order of disassembly.

Reason Why Toyota 4Runner Key Fob Isn’t Working

No Longer Available for Remote Connect

image 77
Remote Connect

In order to use a number of the functions on the 4Runner’s key fob, a subscription service called “Remote Connect” must be purchased. Toyota includes a year of access to this bundle at no cost with the purchase of every 4Runner.

The capabilities of Remote Connect include:

  • Beginning the engine from a distance.
  • In-car engine kill switch.
  • Take charge of your windows, doors, alarms, and lights.

The Toyota app also allows the control of these functions.

On the other hand, Toyota has linked all of these functions to the remote keyless entry. Therefore, your key fob will stop functioning once the trial period ends unless you pay the monthly fee.

For this reason, if the functions of your 4Runner’s key fob suddenly stop operating, such as the remote start and stop, it is likely due to the expiration of your subscription.

There is currently no solution, which is unfortunate. It will cost you money to enable this function in your 4Runner.

Presently, Toyota’s “Remote Connect” service costs $8 monthly or $80 annually. Your key fob will start functioning again after subscribing to this plan.

Dead Keyless Remote’s Power Source

The average lifespan of a 4Runner’s key fob is two to three years. Key fob battery life, however, varies with usage.

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You won’t be able to get into your 4Runner, lock it, or start the engine if the key fob’s battery dies. However, after some key fob use, you’ll be able to tell if the wireless remote’s battery is dead.

Once the battery’s life is up, the key fob’s range of functioning will decrease dramatically because the battery will no longer produce a powerful electronic signal. The usable distance can drop to under 4 feet at times.

We’ve included detailed instructions for swapping the battery in your keychain remote at the conclusion of the post.

Verify the Alternate Key

Two key fobs are standard equipment for every Toyota 4Runner. Try the other key to your car if the one you’re using isn’t cutting it. This will aid in pinpointing the source of the problem.

If only one key does not function, the issue lies solely with that key. If neither key fob is functional, however, the 4Runner’s electronic control unit (ECU) is likely the source of the issue.

The “ECU-ACC” Fuse Should Be Inspected.

Fuse Box
Fuse Box

A Toyota 4Runner has dual circuit breakers. Two can be found: one inside and another in the engine bay.

Turn the key in the fuse box that’s located under the wheel. Locate the “ECU-ACC” fuse on the cover’s diagram. The electronics that operate the smart key system are supplied power by a fuse rated at 7.5 Amps.

Please use a fuse of the same or higher amperage to replace the blown one. Upon making this modification, your keychain remote will once again function as intended.

When you need to replace your fuses, keep in mind that you’ll need Low Profile Mini Blade Fuses like this one.

The 12-Volt Battery Is Dead.

We ask that you verify whether or not the 4Runner’s 12V battery has run dry. Your key fob’s 12V battery is responsible for powering its electronics, so if it dies or loses charge, the device will stop functioning properly.

Low-voltage batteries act in strange ways. After 36 months, a 12V battery loses its ability to reliably start a vehicle’s engine and should be replaced. The onboard computers have been corrupted by the dwindling power supply.

The 12V battery connectors on your 4Runner will corrode and eventually stop supplying adequate power to its circuits. Please use a wire brush to remove any white oxidation from either the positive or negative battery connector.

The key chain remote should function normally after a fresh 12V battery, or a thorough cleaning has been installed.

An Issue with the Key Chain Remote

Over time, regular use can wear out the keypad on the key chain. The button won’t do its job if it can’t complete the circuit.

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To get around this, though, you’ll need to visit a Toyota dealership, buy a replacement key fob, and pay the service fee to have it reprogrammed. It can cost up to $1500 to have a genuine 4Runner key reprogrammed. We feel cheated as customers, but we have no choice but to pay for it.

Battery replacement instructions for the 4Runner key fob

The Toyota 4Runner makes it easy to swap out the batteries in the key fob. It won’t take more than 2 minutes and can be done at home.

You’d have to pay more than $110 at a Toyota dealership service center. Changing the battery and reprogramming it can cost as much as $550 in some cases.

Accessory requirements for battery replacement —

Lithium CR2032 button
Lithium CR2032 button
  • Lithium CR2032 button 
  • cell battery 
  • small flathead screwdriver

The Toyota 4Runner has two distinct key fob designs:

  • Mechanically-controlled keyless entry system
  • Remote keyless entry system

If your key has a “smart key system,” then follow these instructions to swap out the batteries.

First, put away the key and unlock the remote control.

The second step is to get a tiny flathead screwdriver and take off the key cover. Please protect the key by wrapping the screwdriver’s tip with tape or a towel.

Third, use the screwdriver to pry out the battery. Pay attention to the orientation of the battery terminals as you remove the battery.

Avoid twisting the battery terminals at all costs.

Fourth, replace the CR2032 battery and replace the key cover.

Without a “smart key system,” replacing the battery in the 4Runner key fob is identical to the procedure described above. The first step is the same as before. However, the key cover must be opened from a different corner.

There is no need to reprogram your key fob when the battery dies. The 4Runner’s onboard computer holds the locking code. The loss of power to either the key fob or the car will not wipe out this information.

It is not necessary to reprogram your key fob if battery replacement does not restore its functionality. It’s possible that the issue lies elsewhere.

If the onboard computer of your vehicle had a hard reset, such as the 12V battery being dead for an extended period of time, then you will need to reprogram the key fob.

Long life is provided by the coin battery inside the key chain. However, especially in wet environments, electrical battery connections deteriorate and become loose with time. If, after a battery replacement, the key fob still doesn’t function, try again after opening it and inspecting the battery contacts.

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You can use a screwdriver to gently bend the terminals if the contacts are loose or flat. Your key fob’s functionality may fluctuate if the battery is unsecured.

FAQ on How To Change Battery In Toyota 

Need to replace the battery in my Toyota 4Runner’s key fob?

Battery CR2032

You should pay attention to the type of battery and where it is located in the device. The CR2032 battery is widely available and fits several Toyota models. The price of these batteries is usually less than $5, making them quite wallet-friendly. Replace the dead battery in your Toyota key fob and return it to its box.

Can you tell me about the 2017 4Runner’s battery?

Group Size 24F 650 CCA Duralast Battery

Should the Toyota key fob’s memory be reprogrammed if the battery is replaced?

If the batteries died and you want the remote to detect your car again, you’ll need to reprogram it.

When it comes to Toyota key fobs, how long do their batteries typically last?

Trouble with your Toyota Smart Key® remote? Your Toyota RAV4 key fob may need a new battery. There is an in-car alarm that goes off when the engine shuts off if the battery life in your Toyota key fob is short (the typical battery life is 1 to 2 years).

Where can I find a suitable alternative to the CR2016 battery?

The CR2016 can be substituted with several other battery types, such as the CR2025, CR2032, or CR2430. Each of these 3-volt batteries has comparable runtimes and capacities to the CR2016.

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