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How To Change Battery In Toyota Avalon Key Fob? [Quick Guide]

Access to your Toyota can be gained via the remote key fob. 

You will no longer be able to regulate the distance opportunities for your keyless entry fob after the battery in the remote key fob has died or is running low. 

It is not difficult to change the batteries in your key fob; it is much simpler to do it than you might imagine. 

How To Change Battery In Toyota Avalon Key Fob
How To Change Battery In Toyota Avalon Key Fob

This post has all of the information that you require.

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What type and battery does the remote key fob for the 2017 Toyota Avalon need?

2017 Toyota Avalon
2017 Toyota Avalon

Make sure you have all of the necessary equipment and materials, including a screwdriver with a flat head and one CR2032 battery, before you begin disassembling the keyless entry remote.

  • A screwdriver with a flathead 
  • One CR2032 battery

Follow these easy instructions to change the battery in the keyless entry remote for your Avalon.

CR2032 battery
CR2032 battery

Your keyless entry remote likely has a tiny coin-sized battery inside it. 

Before attempting to pull apart the keyless entry remote, be sure that any internal keys have been removed.

Utilizing a screwdriver having a flat head, make an effort to carefully pull apart your keyless entry remote. 

Using a screwdriver with a flat head, replace the CR2032 battery in the device.

Verify the key fob’s functionality by pressing its buttons after the replacement battery has been inserted.

 If everything is working well, you can now assemble the case of your keyless entry fob in the opposite order.

At this point, you should squeeze the back cover of the fob together. 

Put the two parts of your shell together and build it by hand, starting at the top and working your way down. 

If the case for your key fob is securely shut, then we are finished. If not, proceed to the previous step again.

Reasons Why Toyota Avalon Key Fob Isn’t Working

No longer providing Remote Connect Service.

 Remote Connect Service
Remote Connect Service

A paid subscription service known as “Remote Connect” is required to use a significant number of the capabilities on the Avalon key fob. 

When you buy a Toyota Avalon, Toyota will provide you with a complimentary subscription to this program for the first year after your purchase.

The following are some of the features that Remote Connect possesses:

  • Remote engine start.
  • Remote engine shutdown.

Control the windows, doors, horns, and emergency lights from a remote location.

The Toyota app also provides access to the ability to control these features.

Nevertheless, Toyota has linked all of these functions to the remote key fob.

 After the allotted time for the free membership has passed, your key fob will become inoperable if you do not pay the fee associated with the subscription.

Therefore, if your Avalon new key fob functions, such as the remote start and stop, are not operating, the most likely cause is that your subscription has expired.

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Regrettably, there is currently no other solution that can be implemented.

 A cost must be paid to make this feature available for use on your Avalon.

At the moment, Toyota charges a fee of $8 per month, or $80 if paid for the entire year in advance, for the “Remote Connect” option that can be added to a vehicle. 

If you purchase this package, the original key fob will resume its normal, pre-issued functionality as soon as you do so.

The key fob’s battery no longer has any life left in it.

The key fob for the Avalon normally has a lifespan of two to three years. 

If the battery in the key fob dies, your key won’t be able to open the door, turn the ignition, or start the vehicle.

You can immediately determine whether the battery in the wireless remote control has been exhausted if you have been using the key fob for an extended period.

Because the battery will no longer be able to provide a powerful electronic signal as it reaches the end of its life cycle, the key fob’s operational range will be significantly reduced when it does not function properly. 

There will be instances where the operational range is less than 4 feet.

We have included a detailed, step-by-step guide at the bottom of this post that explains how to replace the battery in the key fob.

Be Sure to Check the Other Key.

Two key fobs are included with every single Toyota Avalon. 

If one of the keys to your vehicle isn’t working, please try using the other key. 

It will assist us in isolating the problem.

In the event that one of the key fobs does not function properly, the issue is with the key itself. 

But if neither of the key fobs works, the issue must lie somewhere, most likely in Avalon’s electronic control unit (ECU).

Check the Fuse Labeled “ECU-ACC”

You’ll find not one but two fuse boxes in a Toyota Avalon. 

One is located within, and the other is located externally in the vehicle’s engine compartment.

Turn on the ignition and then open the fuse box that is located under the steering wheel. 

The fuse cover has a schematic; you need to locate the “ECU-ACC” fuse. 

It is a fuse rated at 7.5 Amps that supplies power to all electrical components responsible for controlling the smart key system.

If the fuse blows, please replace it with a fuse having a comparable amperage rating. 

After you make the necessary adjustments, your key fob will resume normal operation.

When you buy new fuses, make sure you don’t forget that these are Low Profile Mini Blade Fuses, much like this one.

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The 12-volt battery has passed away.

12-volt battery
12-volt battery

It would be helpful if you could check to see if the 12V inbuilt battery in the Avalon has run down. If the battery runs out of juice or has a too-low voltage, your key fob will not function properly because the 12V battery will not be able to power the essential components.

Batteries that have a low voltage will behave in strange ways. So if the 12V battery in your car is more than 36 months old and you are having trouble starting the engine, you should consider replacing the 12V battery. 

The onboard computers are being messed up because of the low voltage.

In addition, the 12V battery connectors will corrode over time, resulting in insufficient power being supplied to the electronic components of your Avalon. 

Please use a wire brush to clean the positive and negative battery terminals if you notice a significant amount of white oxidation on either of those terminals.

The key fob is expected to function normally after the 12V battery has been replaced or cleaned.

The Key Fob has Been Broken.

Toyota Avalon Key Fob 2013
Toyota Avalon Key Fob 2013

The keys on the key fob are susceptible to wear and tear if used frequently. 

If the button does not successfully make contact with the circuit, the device will not function.

However, in this scenario, you will need to buy a replacement key fob from a Toyota dealer and pay for the dealership to reprogram it. 

Reprogramming an authentic Avalon key might have a price tag of up to $1,500. It’s a ripoff, but we have no choice but to pay for it as customers. We have no other options.

Instructions on how to change the battery in the Avalon key fob

In the Toyota Avalon, changing the battery that powers the key fob is a simple process. 

It won’t take more than a minute to do it at home.

More than $110 would be charged to your credit card if you took your vehicle to a Toyota service location. 

They may charge you $550 to replace the battery and reprogram the device.

Changing the battery requires the following additional items:

Miniature screwdriver with a flat head Lithium battery model CR2032

Toyota Models

  • Toyota Camry
  • Toyota Highlander
  • Toyota Corolla
  • Toyota Land Cruiser
  • Toyota Tacoma
  • Toyota RAV4
  • Toyota Sienna

FAQ on How To Change Battery In Toyota Avalon Key Fob

What kind and amount of battery does a key fob for a Toyota Avalon needs?

Instructions for Replacing the Battery in Your Toyota Key Fob

Be sure to check the type of battery. The majority of Toyota vehicles use a CR2032 battery, which can be purchased easily both offline and online. Take out the old battery, replace it with the new one, and then put the cover back on the device.

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Can you tell me what sort of battery my Toyota key fob requires?

battery type CR2032

The majority of Toyota vehicles use a CR2032 battery, which can be purchased in retail outlets as well as on the internet. The cost of these batteries is often less than $5, making them a reasonably priced option. Put the replacement battery for your Toyota key fob into the case, and then close it back up again. Now that the battery in the Toyota key fob replacement has been replaced, try it to make sure it is functioning properly.

Is it necessary to reprogramme the Toyota key fob after the battery has been replaced?

You will need to reprogramme the key fob in order for it to once again detect your vehicle if the connection was reset when the batteries were replaced or if it was somehow disrupted in some other way.

How long does the battery life typically last in a Toyota key fob?

Is the key fob for your Toyota Smart Key® not functioning properly? It’s possible that the battery in the key fob for your Toyota RAV4 needs to be replaced. If the battery life in your Toyota key fob is getting short – the typical battery life is between one and two years – you will hear an alarm when the engine stops when you are inside the vehicle.

What is the price range for replacing the battery in a Toyota key?

between $200 and $350

Replacement Key Remote for Toyota

This can cost anywhere from $200 to $350, but if drivers take advantage of our deals on components, they can save money. Due to the fact that key fobs require having their keys cut as well as their electronics being configured to match up with your Toyota car, the cost of a replacement will be more.

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