Most Reliable Car Brands of All Time (New and Used)*

The American public is generally against having automotive problems. According to a consumer perception poll performed by Cox Automotive and Kelly Blue Book, the reliability of an automobile is more important to buyers than safety, cost, or fuel economy.

Consumer Reports, a nonprofit consumer organization and magazine devoted to independent product testing, conducts an annual survey of its members to select the most trustworthy car brands based on their experiences with those manufacturers during the preceding year.

Acura Reliability

The most reliable Acura models are the ILX, TLX, and RDX. These models have an “Excellent” reliability rating. The MDX is also a reliable model with an above-average score. Even models that have been taken off the market, like the TSX and TL, have good ratings]. The Acura TSX ranks just below the TLX for second out of 31 midsize luxury cars with RepairPal’s “Excellent” reliability rating. The Integra Type-R, Acura TSX Sport, and Acura RDX are also among the most reliable Acuras according to

The ideal vehicle won’t blow your budget, break down unexpectedly or cost a fortune to maintain and fix. According to, the TLX is the best choice for a midsize luxury car among all brands not just Acura based on RepairPal ratings. We’ve pulled together seven Acura sedans and SUVs to see which offers the best mix of performance, value, reliability, tech touches and safety features.

Are Honda Models Considered to be the Most Reliable Cars?

When it comes to reliability, honda’s most dependable vehicles are often considered among the top contenders. Known for their exceptional performance and longevity, Honda models have consistently proven their reliability over the years. From sedans to SUVs, Honda’s most dependable vehicles have earned a well-deserved reputation for their lasting quality and exceptional value.

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Audi Reliability

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