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Does Sienna Have Heated Seats? [Answered]

Does Sienna Have Heated Seats? The upcoming 2020 Toyota Sienna is a family-oriented vehicle with a cutting-edge design, an expansive cabin, and the most recent automotive technology.

It is the ideal minivan for ferrying your active family to and from activities such as soccer practice, dancing recitals, and everything else that lies in between.

Does Sienna Have Heated Seats
Does Sienna Have Heated Seats

So how do you tell which model of the 2020 Sienna will provide everything your family requires when there are various trim levels from which to choose?

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Specifications and options for the upcoming 2022 Toyota Sienna

The hybrid engine in the 2022 Toyota Sienna is a 2.5-liter four-cylinder unit paired with an Electronically controlled Continuously Variable Transmission (ECVT).

Together, this powertrain is capable of producing 245 horsepower.

There are six different versions of the minivan that you may choose from: the LE, the XLE, the XSE, the Limited, or the Platinum.

In addition, this year’s Sienna lineup welcomes a brand-new trim called the Woodland Edition.

You can seat eight passengers inside Sienna’s super-spacious cabin.

You also can select the second-row captain’s chairs, which provide more comfort and space within the cabin but lower the maximum number of passengers to seven.

The Toyota Sienna 2022 comes standard with a heated steering wheel, a power-adjustable front passenger seat, heated second-row seats, heated and ventilated front seats, and cloth upholstery.

For an additional cost, you can upgrade to leather upholstery, heated second-row seats, heated and ventilated front seats, and heated second-row seats. 

What is the Main Distinction Between the Various Trims?

Before the popularity of three-row SUVs, the minivan was the natural choice for families with more than one or two children because of its spacious interior and several seating rows.

If manufacturers of minivans want to stay in the game, their products will need to be more refined than ever before.

There are many available choices, and some of them are superior to others in this regard.

The Toyota Sienna is widely regarded as one of the most impressive minivans available on the consumer market.

In addition to having an exceptionally comfortable and well-appointed interior, it also has exceptional fuel economy.

The agile handling and the suspension’s ability to smooth out most of the bumps in the road are two qualities drivers will highly value.

In addition, this minivan is one of the few others on the market right now that comes standard with all-wheel drive.

In 2022, a new trim level will be available for the Sienna.

This model, focusing on outdoor activities, appeals to customers considering purchasing a three-row SUV.

This increases the total number of trim options available for the 2022 Toyota Sienna to six.

Contrast the LE and XLE trim levels

2022 Sienna LE
2022 Sienna LE

A hybrid 2.5-liter engine will be standard across the board for the 2022 Sienna lineup.

It generates 245 horsepower, which is not quite enough, in some people’s opinion, to move this minivan around with any enthusiasm.

However, it does allow the Sienna to achieve 36 miles per gallon in the city and 36 miles per gallon on the highway.

These are just astounding results for the class. The standard transmission is a CVT (continuously variable transmission).

The LE model comes standard with front-wheel drive, but it may be upgraded to all-wheel drive at an additional cost.

LED headlights that turn on and off automatically, as well as LED daytime running lights, may be found on the outside of the Sienna LE model.

LEDs are used for the taillights on the back of the vehicle.

The LE trim level comes standard with color-keyed door handles and heated side mirrors that are also color-coded.

This basic model has alloy wheels 17 inches in diameter and a black grille to draw attention to its front end.

The manufacturer equipped all trim levels with power-sliding back doors to make the Toyota Sienna more valuable.

On the inside, there is an automatic climate control system with three different zones, 18 cupholders, and a start button.

The seats are upholstered in fabric, and the driver has an eight-way power adjustment. The Sienna LE can accommodate up to eight passengers in its default configuration.

Standard equipment includes a multi-information display measuring 4.2 inches.

In addition, a whopping seven USB ports are spread out among the various locations in the cabin.

Six of these ports can only be used to charge the device.

Adding a 12V DC outlet to the Sienna LE further increases its already impressive level of convenience.

A touchscreen measuring 9 inches will be available to consumers with the infotainment system.

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The Sienna comes standard with a significant amount of safety features.

In addition to ten standard airbags, the LE comes standard with a tire pressure monitoring system and hill start aid.

In addition, it comes standard with Toyota Safety Sense 2.0, which includes a lane departure alert with steering assist, a pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, automatic high beams, lane tracing assist, traffic sign recognition, and full-speed adaptive cruise control.

All of these features are bundled together in one convenient package.

Unfortunately, blind-spot monitoring is not included in that package, but it is standard equipment with the 2022 Toyota Sienna.

The LE Plus package is an option for customers looking to upgrade from the standard Sienna to one with a few more bells and whistles.

It has a rearview mirror that automatically dims, an audio system with eight speakers, and a wireless charging station.

A sunroof and black roof rails are included in the kit to spruce up the exterior.

Many items are included as standard equipment when you upgrade to the XLE trim level.

Under the hood, it retains its standard configuration, and the wheels remain 17 inches in diameter.

In contrast to the LE, this level of trim has the option of choosing wheels that are 18 inches in diameter.

The sunroof is included as standard equipment at this model lineup level.

In addition, the XLE comes with built-in LED foglights that have a wide-angle lens.

On the other hand, the sliding doors achieve an even higher level of sophistication thanks to the addition of a hands-free function.

Finally, a motorized liftgate is included with the XLE and higher trim levels.

The XLE’s cabin features automatic climate control that can be set to four different zones.

A four-way power adjustment for the front passenger is also included as a standard feature, in addition to heated front seats and upholstery made of synthetic leather.

Leather covers the steering wheel, and an automatic dimming function is included in the rearview mirror.

The remote illuminated entrance feature is one of the more stunning enhancements available here.

This innovation makes it much simpler to enter the Sienna XLE once it has become dark outside.

This trim level does not include very many different technological enhancements.

However, expanding the sound system to include eight speakers is possible.

In addition, because it comes standard with front and rear parking assist and automatic emergency braking, prospective purchasers might be drawn to the XLE trim level.

The XLE also comes with its unique package, just like the LE.

If you select the Sienna XLE Plus trim level, you will receive black roof rails, an integrated navigation system, and wireless device sharing.

In addition to that, it features a JBL premium sound system with twelve speakers.

Customers can also add a rear-seat entertainment system, starting with the XLE trim level, which comprises a single display mounted to the overhead console in the back and two sets of wireless headphones.

XLE, in comparison to the Woodland Edition

2022 Sienna XLE
2022 Sienna XLE

When you choose the Woodland Edition, you will have an all-wheel drive as a standard feature.

This model also has a higher ground clearance than the previous one, which helps to give it a little bit more capacity.

However, to say that this automobile is suitable for use off-road is, to put it mildly, an exaggeration.

Bright wheels of 18 inches in diameter come standard on the Woodland Edition.

This Sienna’s exterior stands out because of the black roof rails with black cross bars, the black AWD badge, and the black Toyota badging, all painted black.

In addition, the Woodland Edition is equipped with a towing hitch receiver and a wiring harness with a 4-pin connector.

Both of these features are also included.

This particular model of the Sienna has a towing capacity of up to 3,500 pounds, which is respectable for a minivan of its size.

This interior trim level comes included with a charging pad that is compatible with wireless devices.

In addition, it features an inverter with 1500 watts of power and two outlets; this was probably done so that the Sienna would be more helpful on a camping trip.

A more advanced infotainment system, complete with a twelve-speaker audio system, is included in the Woodland Edition of the vehicle.

This is the first Sienna to include as standard equipment Driver Easy Speak, a helpful device for parents that employs a microphone to transmit the driver’s voice via the rear speakers.

Driver Easy Speak is included in this model because it is the first Sienna to include it.

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Unfortunately, this Sienna has no new or improved safety features.

Differences between the Woodland Edition and the XSE Trims.

All-wheel drive will no longer come standard on the XSE but will be available as an option.

The exterior lighting of both models is comparable; however, this variant has LED-strip daytime running lights that give it a more sophisticated appearance.

Additionally, it comes with what Toyota calls “premium LED taillights.” Finally, a sport mesh grille in a metallic black finish can be found in the front fascia of the Sienna XLE.

Instead of tinted to match the body, the side mirrors are black.

The XSE rides on the ground on a set of dark wheels measuring 20 inches.

Although they have a good appearance, others believe they make the ride less enjoyable.

The badging used to be black on the Woodland Edition, but it has been changed to chrome.

Roof rails are no longer included as standard equipment but are sold as an optional extras.

Interestingly, upgrading to the XSE does not include the wireless charging pad as standard equipment. Additionally, the 1500W inverter can be purchased for this trim.

Finally, the XSE now has only eight speakers, rather than the previous total of 12.

Customers can regain access to these capabilities by purchasing the XSE Plus package, which includes a JBL sound system, wireless device charging, and even black roof rails for their vehicle.

Differences between the XSE and Limited trims

When you upgrade to the 2022 Sienna Limited trim, you’ll experience an even higher level of luxury.

This level of trim has a grille that has a metallic dark gray color.

To make it simpler for several people to use the Sienna, the side mirrors offer an automatic dimming feature, puddle lights, and even a memory function.

In addition, the diameter of the wheels has been brought down to 18 inches.

Roof rails finished in chrome and accents on the bumpers and emblems are also standard equipment.

In addition, this trim now comes with the option for a hands-free power liftgate that also features jam protection.

The Limited trim brings back the capability of wirelessly charging devices, and it is also the first trim to provide a smart rearview mirror as an optional extra.

This technology uses a camera and projects the footage onto the rearview mirror.

As a result, the driver is afforded an unimpeded view of the area behind the Sienna.

Of course, if the driver does not want to use this feature, they have the option to disable it.

The Sienna Limited has seats that can heat and cool the vehicle’s occupants. In addition, memory features are incorporated into the vehicle’s driver’s seat.

The second row features extended footrests that make it simple to stretch out, making it one of the most comfortable rows in the vehicle.

Although all trim levels come standard with manual sunshades for the second row of seats, the Limited is the only trim level with sunshades for the third row.

The multi-information display on cheaper models now measures 7 inches rather than 4.2 inches as it did previously.

The driver is provided with the same information, including warning displays and fuel efficiency.

However, it is formatted in a way that makes it easier to comprehend at a glance.

The Limited has LED cupholders in the center console to give the impression of a higher level of sophistication.

The 12-speaker audio system is reinstated for the 2022 Sienna and is now standard equipment for the Limited trim level.

Differences between the Limited and Platinum trims

In 2022, Sienna’s Platinum trim level comes standard with just about every option this minivan offers.

It flaunts distinctive Bi-LED projector headlamps and exquisite metallic wheels that measure 18 inches in diameter.

Unfortunately, this is the only trim level that offers rain-sensing windshield wipers for the driver’s convenience.

Surprisingly, the hands-free liftgate is not a standard feature and remains a paid add-on option.

The Platinum trim comes standard with a camera system that provides a bird’s-eye view of the surroundings.

In addition to being able to do a perimeter scan, it will provide drivers with an overhead view that encompasses the full 360 degrees.

A heated steering wheel is also included as standard equipment, and heated seats are in the second row.

In addition, the Platinum trim’s upholstery is crafted from a unique “premium leather.”

There are no improvements to the technology or the safety features on the Sienna’s Platinum model, with the sole exception of the camera system.

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Which Type of Trim Should I Choose?

Given that the base price of the 2022 Toyota Sienna is a little bit higher than usual, prospective purchasers are going to want to limit themselves to the lowest half of the available trim levels.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to accomplish this goal, given that every model utilizes the same drivetrain and that Toyota Safety Sense comes as standard equipment.

Therefore, although the LE is a good option, purchasers who want to get the most out of their Sienna should step up to the next higher level.

If you choose the Sienna XLE, you’ll get heated front seats, a power rear liftgate, four-zone automatic climate control, and more features.

These are not the bells and whistles that can be found on higher trim levels; instead, they are amenities that will improve the overall quality of life for the driver.

The Woodland Edition is the one higher trim level that some people will find to be deserving of consideration.

This version of the Sienna has an all-wheel drive system as standard and an improved towing capacity so that it may meet some families’ requirements for their camping trips.

However, given that the Platinum model has a price tag of more than $15,000 higher than the LE trim level, it is reasonable to assume that many buyers will steer clear of it.

The 2022 Toyota Sienna XLE is an exceptionally well-appointed minivan with everything a contemporary driver requires to keep their family content while traveling together.

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  • Toyota Sienna LE
  • Toyota Sienna XLE

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FAQ on Does Sienna Have Heated Seats

Is it standard for the Sienna XLE to have heated seats?

The XLE model raises the bar by including features such as hands-free sliding doors, heated seats, and a motorized sunroof, and it costs $41,215. The XLE Woodland Edition raises the bar for luxury with its heated sports-trimmed seats, all-wheel drive, and a power outlet rated at 1500 watts, starting at $46 715.

Does the Toyota Sienna have heated seats in the back of the vehicle?

It is able to glide back, providing occupants in the back seat with increased relaxation. During the chilly mornings, you can stay warm thanks to the available heated and ventilated front seats, as well as the heated back seats.

What are the key distinctions between the Siena LE and the Siena XLE?

In comparison to the LE, the XLE comes standard with LED fog lights, hands-free power-sliding side doors, a power liftgate, automatic climate control for four separate zones, and a steering wheel covered in leather.

Are there heated seats available in the Sienna Xse?

The first row of seats in the XSE is equipped with heating on three different levels. This upscaled model comes equipped with second-row captain’s chairs, which have a design that allows for extended sliding for ease of movement. There is a bench seat in the second row that can be purchased as an option in the XLE and it has adequate room for three people.

Does the Sienna 2022 have seats that can be heated?

You can keep everyone comfortable by adjusting the temperature for each zone with the Sienna’s available best-in-class four-zone climate control system 13, which is available on some models. The optional heated and ventilated front seats and heated captain’s chairs in the rear of the Sienna deliver an increased level of comfort, regardless of the time of year.

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