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What Problems Do Toyota Avalon Have? [Answered]

The flagship sedan for Toyota, the Avalon, is a practical and capacious four-door vehicle that bridges the gap between high-end midsize sedans and genuine luxury automobiles.

It is a spacious and comfy cruiser that has the potential to be fairly posh, especially in the Limited trim level.

The Avalon is ranked highly among the competition in the area of big sedans.

What Problems Do Toyota Avalon Have
What Problems Do Toyota Avalon Have

Toyota made an effort to infuse the current version of the Avalon with more excitement by giving it a more dynamic appearance and making the handling more engaging.

To know what problems do Toyota Avalon have, continue reading this article!


The Toyota Avalon, which serves as the company’s flagship sedan, is a roomy and functional four-door automobile that bridges the gap between high-end midsize sedans and genuine luxury automobiles.

The Avalon was first introduced in 1986. It is a roomy and comfortable cruiser that has the potential to be quite luxurious, particularly in the Limited trim level.

When it comes to the competition in the sector of large sedans, the Avalon holds a high ranking.

In the most recent iteration of the Avalon, Toyota made an effort to inject it with additional excitement by giving it a more dynamic appearance and making the handling more engaging.

Common Problems with the Toyota Avalon

The Toyota Avalon, while being one of the manufacturer’s flagship models, has been plagued by a significant number of the common problems.

The following is a list of the most often occurring problems related to this Toyota Avalon models:

Deficiency in the Back Window Sunshade

Some 1995-2016 Toyota Avalon owners have voiced their frustration with a faulty rear window sunshade as a prevalent issue with their vehicles.

It has been reported by drivers of the affected model years that the sunshade made grinding noises and required passengers to manually push it down in order for it to operate properly.

Typically, the solution to this problem is to replace the sunshade assembly on its whole.

Taking off the fuse is another typical solution that is used to get rid of the grinding sounds.

Speakers that are warped and a broken information and entertainment system

Toyota Entertainment System
Toyota Entertainment System

When there were lower bass tones on the radio, many owners of the redesigned Avalon that was released in 2015 reported that their speakers emitted buzzing noises during such times.

Other drivers attempted to fix the issue by adding additional padding, but it continued to be a problem despite their efforts.

The proprietors have been informed that this is a defect in the design, and they have been given the recommendation to replace the door panel.

There have also been allegations of an information and entertainment system that is broken in certain models of the 2015 Toyota Avalon.

Several drivers have voiced their dissatisfaction with their vehicles’ radio, GPS, and other programs randomly restarting themselves.

There were occasions when the screen would freeze, but the caller ID information would still be displayed.

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Shifting Problems

Many owners of 1995–1998, 2000–2007, 2009, and 2015 Avalons with automatic transmissions have expressed dissatisfaction with their vehicles’ inability to change in the correct gear at the appropriate time.

When they were traveling at slow speeds, their transmission would stutter when shifting from second to third gear and will cause a malfunction.

There have also been incidents in which a defective throttle position sensor or shift solenoid caused the transmission to jerk or remain neutral before shifting into gear.

This occurred before the gears were engaged.

The cost to replace the throttle position sensor can range anywhere from $150 to $400, and the cost of a new shift solenoid can range anywhere from $100 to $500, in addition to the cost of labor.

Canister de vaporisation EVAP défectueux

Some Avalons manufactured between 1995 and 2004, as well as those manufactured in 2006, 2011, and 2015, have experienced problems with the vapor canister leaking charcoal pellets, which can clog the vent valve.

Because of this problem, the check engine light came on in the models that were impacted, and a smell of fuel vapor came from underneath the engine.

A Sudden Picking Up of Speed

2014 Toyota Avalon
2014 Toyota Avalon

Many owners of 2014 Avalons have complained about experiencing unexpected acceleration as a typical issue.

There have been reports of people’s automobiles accelerating for no apparent reason, with the rate of rotation increasing from 700 to 3600 in just over a second and a half.

There have been reports from a few individuals that their accelerator pedal moved from being at 27% to 79.5% in less than one second.

Toyota, on the other hand, asserts that it has found no evidence of any problems in any of the impacted vehicles.

Unexpected and sudden acceleration is typically brought on by a problem with the electronic components of a car, which causes the throttle to open even when the driver is not pressing down on the gas pedal.

When the driver applies the brakes, engages the cruise control, or changes gears, there is a possibility that the vehicle will accelerate suddenly.

Misfire in the engine

Several instances of engine failure have been recorded by a significant number of Avalon owners for models redesigned between the years 1995 and 2010, as well as the 2012 model.

A malfunctioning ignition coil caused their automobiles to lurch and hesitate when being driven.

The replacement of this component can have a price tag anywhere from $5 to $50, not including labor charges.

Note, however, that a misfire could also be caused by other factors, such as a faulty control module, crankshaft position sensor, or fuel injector.

These are just some of the possibilities. Incorrect firing might also be caused by the engine having mechanical issues.

It is in your best interest to have a qualified mechanic examine your car in order to obtain an accurate diagnosis if you are experiencing misfiring in your engine.

Faulty Oxygen Sensor

Some drivers of the redesigned Avalons from 1996-2008 and 2012 have reported that a faulty oxygen sensor caused their vehicles to get poor gas mileage, have an engine that ran roughly, and may have caused them to fail their emissions test.

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These problems may have been caused because the oxygen sensor was not functioning properly.

In most cases, the cost of a replacement oxygen sensor might range anywhere from $30 to $150, in addition to any labor expenses.

Peeling Paint

peeling paint
peeling paint

Many owners of the 2011 Toyota Avalon have complained about the paint flaking off the roof.

This is a regular issue with the vehicle. Paint reportedly bubbled on the roofs of some automobiles, as well as in the space between the windshield and the sunroof, as reported by the owners of those vehicles.

In other instances, the application of the paint was done without first applying a primer, which led to the paint flaking off in sheets as it dried.

Oil Leakage from the Engine

A significant number of examples of the 2006 Toyota Avalon have been found to suffer from the issue of oil leakage from the engine.

Several owners have reported that their vehicles would make strange engine noises due to a damaged oil hose that caused engine oil to leak.

This issue was the cause of the leaking engine oil.

A significant hole was found on the side of the engine block in the vehicles that were driven by some drivers, and these drivers reported that their vehicles needed to be towed to a repair shop.

Idle Air Control Valve That Has Been Clogged

The issue of a clogged idle air control valve is one that has been frequently reported by owners of Avalons manufactured between 1995 and 2004 and in 2006.

It has been reported by owners of the affected models that their vehicles take longer to come to a stop after being started.

Because of debris buildup in the idle air control valve, there have also been instances in which the engine refused to accelerate at speeds lower than 2,000 revolutions per minute.

Despite how dependable the Toyota Avalon is or other Toyota vehicles, there is a possibility that it will develop issues as it accumulates more miles or high mileage.

You may anticipate your primary means of transportation to serve you well for a significant amount of time if you educate yourself on the model’s most typical problems and remain on top of its required maintenance.

Toyota Model

  • Toyota RAV4 Prime/RAV4 Hybrid
  • Toyota Camry
  • Toyota Corolla
  • Toyota Land Cruiser
  • Toyota Tacoma
  • Toyota Highlander Hybrid

FAQ on What Problems Do Toyota Avalon Have

What exactly is the most significant issue with the Toyota Avalon?

How long do Toyota Avalon engines last?

Any Toyota Avalon can reach up to 150,000 to 200,000 kilometers in its lifetime if it receives routine maintenance.

Is it true that the Toyota Avalon is a dependable automobile?

The Toyota Avalon has earned a Reliability Rating of 4.0 out of a possible 5.0, placing it third among full-size automobiles out of a total of 12. Because the typical cost of annual repairs comes in at $463, this vehicle has very reasonable ownership expenses. When compared to all of the other vehicles, the frequency of repairs and the severity of those repairs are both about average.

Which model year of the Toyota Avalon is considered to be the most reliable?

The 2015 Toyota Avalon, which is part of the fourth generation of Toyota Avalon models, is regarded as one of the most dependable automobiles of its kind now available for purchase. When it comes to making a decision like this, the 2015 Toyota Avalon is listed at the top of the list due to its overall value, particularly for customers who are interested in purchasing a high-quality pre-owned automobile.

Is the Toyota Avalon an improvement over the Camry?

You might think of the Avalon as an alternative to the Camry that is more elegant and sophisticated. Its base 3.5-liter V6 engine delivers 268 horsepower, but the EPA estimates that it achieves only 21 miles per gallon in the city and 30 miles per gallon on the highway because to its lower fuel efficiency.You might think of the Avalon as an alternative to the Camry that is more elegant and sophisticated. Its base 3.5-liter V6 engine delivers 268 horsepower, but the EPA estimates that it achieves only 21 miles per gallon in the city and 30 miles per gallon on the highway because to its lower fuel efficiency.

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