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Does Toyota Corolla Have Leather Seats? [Answered]

Does Toyota Corolla Have Leather Seats? Have you been looking for a car that, despite its small size, offers exceptional performance, power, and capability?

Then, you should get the hatchback version of the Toyota Corolla.

Does Toyota Corolla Have Leather Seats
Does Toyota Corolla Have Leather Seats

It’s the perfect car for you.

The hatchback comes standard with a beautiful body design that contributes to the vehicle’s overall fluidity while being driven.

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Which model of the Corolla has seats made of leather?

Even though leather seats are not an option on any of the Corolla models, the premium SofTex seats seen in several trim levels are standard.

The SofTex seats offered by Toyota are upholstered in a synthetic leather material that is designed to be easy to clean and maintain and resistant to stains and liquid spills.

SofTex produces up to 85% fewer CO2 emissions than conventional synthetic leather, and it does not contain any animal components.

The base model of the Corolla SE comes standard with SofTex seats with fabric inserts and a driver’s seat that can be adjusted in 6 different ways.

On the other hand, the XSE and XLE models come standard with heated SofTex seats and a driver’s seat that can be adjusted in 8 different power positions.

Any model of the Corolla that does not come equipped with SofTex seats as standard can have those seats upgraded by our parts and service staff.

Review of the Interior of the 2022 Toyota Corolla

 2022 Toyota Corolla
2022 Toyota Corolla

The cabin of the 2022 Toyota Corolla is solidly constructed and outfitted with essentially high-end materials.

The front seats and the infotainment system are easy to use and provide a comfortable seating experience.

However, the space in the back seats is a little cramped, especially in models with hatchbacks, and the storage area is about average for the class.


Corolla cargo
Corolla cargo

When all seats are upright, the hatchback version of the Toyota Corolla has a load capacity of 17.8 cubic feet, which is decent for a vehicle in the compact car class.

However, the trunk space offered by the Corolla sedan is only 13.1 cubic feet, which is further reduced by the obtrusive hinges on the trunk lid.

In addition, when the back seats are folded down, they do not lie flush with the cargo area floor, making it challenging to slide bulky objects.


Corolla seats
Corolla seats

The sedan and hatchback versions of the 2022 Toyota Corolla have five seats.

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The front seats have a nice curve and offer sufficient legroom even for passengers and drivers of greater stature.

However, the back seats of the Corolla sedan offer sufficient space for two adults to sit in moderate comfort, while the back seats of the Corolla hatchback model offer significantly less headroom and legroom for passengers, even though adults should be able to fit comfortably in either type.

The standard features include front seats that may be manually adjusted and upholstery made of cloth.

In addition, there is an option for upholstery made of synthetic leather, front seats that can be heated, and a driver’s seat that can be adjusted electrically.

There are three sets of LATCH connectors for the rear outboard seats, one tether anchor for the rear middle seat, and two sets of LATCH connectors for the rear outboard seats in this vehicle.

Components Found Within

The Toyota Corolla comes standard with a touch screen measuring 7 inches, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Amazon Alexa, a Wi-Fi hot spot, satellite radio, six-speaker audio, Bluetooth, and two USB ports. Optional extras include a Wi-Fi hot spot and Amazon Alexa.

The touch-screen infotainment system used in the Toyota Corolla has a straightforward organization and is quite responsive to the user’s input.

It is complemented with several buttons and knobs that are useful for controlling the primary audio and climatic settings.

As a result, adjusting these functions when you’re moving around isn’t that difficult.

Among the available features are an 8-inch touch screen, navigation, wireless device charging, a nine-speaker radio, a third USB port, keyless entry, push-button start, automatic climate control, and a sunroof.

Taking a Look Inside the 2020 Toyota Corolla

The inside of the 2020 Toyota Corolla is outfitted with some high-quality materials, but the vehicle has a somewhat unremarkable look. Taller passengers may find the seating area uncomfortable, and the amount of room available for cargo is also underwhelming. However, an extensive list of user-friendly features is included as standard.


The Toyota Corolla has seating for a total of five individuals.

Standard features include manually adjustable front seats and cloth upholstery.

Premium cloth seats, front sport seats, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, synthetic leather upholstery, heated front seats, and an eight-way power-adjustable driver’s seat are among the options for the inside of this vehicle.

In addition, two complete sets of LATCH connections are available in the back seats, which can be used to attach child safety seats.

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Although comfortable, the front seats that come as standard do not provide as much support as the optional improved chairs. Nevertheless, there is sufficient space in two rows of a sedan type.

Unfortunately, the hatchback version of the Toyota Corolla has a second row that is less spacious.

Components Found Within

Apple CarPlay, voice recognition, Bluetooth, a USB port, a six-speaker radio, a 7-inch touch screen, and a built-in Wi-Fi hot spot are some of the standard features on the 2020 Toyota Corolla.

In addition, a rearview camera, pedestrian detection, forward collision warning, automated emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, lane keep assist, lane tracing aid, automatic high beams, and traffic sign recognition are all included as standard driver assistance features.

 Standard features include automatic climate control, remote keyless entry, an 8-inch touch screen, an additional USB

Although some of the graphics appear to be dated, the settings for the entertainment system in the Corolla are easy to understand and use effectively.

In addition, the reviewers praised the use of tactile knobs for controlling things such as music and climate.


The trunk space offered by the sedan version of the Toyota Corolla is around 13 cubic feet, which is a little less than the class average.

The hinges on the trunk lid take up some of the available space, and the rear seats do not fold completely flat.

There is a storage room for 17.8 cubic feet behind the back seat of the Corolla hatchback, and there is a capacity for 23.3 cubic feet if the second row is folded down.

Toyota Corolla Types

  • Toyota Corolla Cross
  • Toyota Corolla L
  • Toyota Corolla LE Eco
  • Toyota Corolla Hatchback
  • Toyota Corolla XLE
  • Toyota Corolla SE Nightshade Edition
  • Toyota Corolla SE Apex Edition

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  • Toyota 4Runner
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  • Toyota RAV4
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  • Toyota Yaris

FAQ on Does Toyota Corolla Have Leather Seats

Seating options available in the Toyota Corolla?

Both the sedan and hatchback versions of the 2022 Toyota Corolla have five seats. The front seats have a pleasant curve to them and offer sufficient legroom even for passengers and drivers of greater stature.

Which version of the Toyota Corolla is considered to be the best?

The good news is that Consumer Reports recommends each and every model of the Corolla that was produced between the years 2003 and 2008. Despite receiving a dependability rating of 5 out of 5 for the model years 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008, the model years 2003 and 2004 Toyota Corolla obtained a score of a solid 4 out of 5. In addition, the overall owner satisfaction for each model was rated as a four out of a possible five.

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What are the key distinctions between the LE and XLE trim levels of the Toyota Corolla?

The XLE is an upgrade that is more desirable than the LE. It adds options such as a motorized driver’s seat with lumbar support, heated front seats, and SofTex imitation leather upholstery to the vehicle.

Are you able to have comfy seating in the Toyota Corolla?

The seats in the Toyota Corolla do a good job of keeping you in position and are comfortable enough that you won’t experience any pain even after a long day behind the wheel. They are also heated as a standard feature, and the height of the driver’s seat can be adjusted on all models, making it quite simple to select a position that is comfortable for driving.

What will the price be for the Corolla in 2022?

The starting price of the 2022 Toyota Corolla is $20,000.75, which places it about in the middle of the pricing range for compact cars. The Corolla XSE Apex Edition is the most expensive model in the lineup with a price tag of $28,360. Look into our U.S. News Best Price Program to find out how you may save a lot of money at your neighborhood Toyota dealer.

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